All about FIA Formula One Racing


One of the most popular motor sports is the Formula One Racing and this article is all about it. Get all the important information about Formula One Racing in this single article.

All about FIA Formula One Racing

Basic Details about FIA Formula One Racing

Name: FIA Formula One Racing

Category: Single Seater

Country: International

Started in: 1950

No of Drivers Involved: 22

No of Teams Involved: 11

No of Constructors Involved: 11

Major Engine Suppliers: Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault

Tyre Suppliers: Pirelli

Current Driver’s Champion: Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull)

Current Constructors’ Champion Team: Red Bull Racing

Official Website:

More about FIA Formula One Racing

It all started during the era of 1920s and 1930s with the European Grand Prix Motor Racing. The formula for such races was that a same set or rules must be established for the cars. During the World War II first non championship races were held for a year. After the World War was over the first ever world championship race was organized at the Silverstone.

Since then the technology in the automobile industry has been upgraded many times and that has reflected pretty well in the Formula One Racing as well. The Formula One Racing is administered by the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile or FIA. The word ‘formula’ refers to the set of rules formulated with all the participants cars and they all must follow them. The Formula One, popularly known as F1 has series of races which are called Grand Prix, a French word which was originally named for the Grand Prizes. Results of each successful end of the races carry a points system and at the end of every F1 season the top scored Formula One driver and the Constructer team gets the champion trophy.

Through out the year the Grand Prix tournaments are held on specially built F1 circuits and even on public roads. The Formula One race is considered to be the fastest course racing in the world. It has the higest cornering speeds which is achieved through the generation of huge amount of aerodynamic down force. The sight of racing cars is the thing to see. The sound of racing cars are so soothing to the ears. As of now Bernie Ecclestone is the Formula One Supremo and he is also the CEO of FOM and FOA.


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