The Pan American Games – Pan Am Games


The Pan American Games which is fondly called as the Pan Am Games as well is a multi national sporting event in the Americas. The Pan American Games played both as summer and winter games, although there was only one Pan American Game was held in 1990. The participants from Americas only can participate in this event. The event is held every four years and precisely a year before the Olympics. The Pan American Sports Organization or PASO is the regulating authority of the Pan Am Games. The last Pan American Games were held in the Guadalajara city in Mexico in 2011 and the next Pan American Games will be held in Toronto in the year 2015. The Parapan American Games for the physically challenged athletes also held soon after the Pan American Games are finished. The structure of the Pan American Games movement is based on the Olympic Charter.

Interesting History about the Pan American Games – Pan Am Games

The first ever time, the idea of organizing a Pan American game was raised during the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, in which the Latin American countries were more enthusiastic about holding such event. The first Pan American Games then was held in 1937 at Dallas but it was poorly followed by the public at that time and the records were never counted for those games. Then again in the first ever Pan American Sports Congress held in 1940 in Buenos Aires it was decided that such gaming event must organize and Buenos Aires should be the first city to host the Pan Am games in that  year only, but then it was cancelled due to the second World War. In the second Pan American Sports Congress it was finally decided that from 1951 there will be a regular Pan American Game every four years and Buenos Aires will be the first host only. Except for Canada, which was a Commonwealth Nation then, most of the Pan American countries participated in the Buenos Aires games.

Loosing the Attention in the Recent Times

Despite most of the participating nations like USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina etc has a sporting culture inbuilt; the Pan American Games seem to have lost the attention from the public in general in recent times. Two of the leading American dailies like the National Post and Toronto Sun are very critical about the games. The National Post has called the Pan Am Games as ‘glamour less Olympics of the Americas’, whereas the Toronto Sun is far more harsh, labeling the games as, ‘not even a bronze medal level of Olympics’! It will be interesting to follow the future of the Pan American Games in coming years for sure.


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