Top 5 Golfers of all time

The game of golf has been played for at least one and a half centuries now, hence it is well understood that there are numerous players who have played this great game till now. The choices may be very but still we have tried our best to find the top 5 golfers of all time. This is our genuine effort and your choice may differ than ours.

5.Bobby Jones

Golf Champion

A surprising tale of Bobby Jones is that he never played this great game for money. He played it for fun. He could have been called the greatest golfer had he chose to become a professional golfer. He has won 13 Major titles yet never won a ‘Grand Slam’.

In one famous incident, in the 1925 US Open he saw his ball moving and called for a penalty on himself and that cost him the championship by one stroke! Jones retired at the age of 28 when he was at his prime but not before gifting us the most loved golf course, the Augusta National.


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