Thursday, February 2, 2023

2018 FIFA World Cup Emblem Unveiled From Space

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We are just into the fourth month since the 2014 FIFA World Cup got over in Brazil and on Tuesday i.e. on 28th October the FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations) has already unveiled the emblem for the next FIFA World Cup in 2018 which is going to be hosted by Russia.

The FIFA President, Sepp Blatter unveiled the 2018 FIFA World Cup logo on Tuesday while participating in a Russian State TV talk show. More interestingly, there were cosmonauts also involved in this unveiling ceremony directly from the International Space Station.

As soon as Sepp Blatter unveiled the logo on the Russian Television the FIFA tweeted about it by saying, “REVEALED! The Official Emblem for the #2018WorldCup Russia!” The picture of the logo was also attached to the said tweet as well. As the cosmonauts were also part of this unveiling ceremony, Sepp Blatter also made a light-hearted comment that he hopes that some day the World Cup becomes an interplanetary competition. We are sure he is not serious about it!

As hosts, it is not hard to understand the enthusiasms amongst the Russians along with their space shuttle mates as this is going to be the biggest sporting event Russia will host till date. This unveiling ceremony was held at Moscow’s famous Bolshoi Theater with the light and sound show.

Talking about the logo, the background is red as you can expect with any Russian participation the major color would always be red. There is a FIFA World Cup trophy in the center of the logo with red and blue colors which are also part of the Russian flag. The outlines of the trophy is in golden color which reflects the golden trophy.

After unveiling the trophy Sepp Blatter called it the ‘heart and spirit of Russia’, whereas the cosmonaut Elena Serova said from up there somewhere that, “it was a dream of every Russian to see the football World Cup is being played in their own country.”

We must know that the logo of the 2014 FIFA World Cup which was played in Brazil was turned out as a joke after the host country Brazil’s shameful defeat against the eventual World Cup winners Germany in the semi-finals by 7-1. The logo of 2014 was called ‘facepalm’ after this defeat by many photoshop enthusiasts across the world. We can sincerely hope that Russia will fair better in this World Cup.

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