All about Adventure Sports Center International


What if you get a place where you can enjoy all your adventurous needs at once? Well, then the Adventure Sports Center International which is situated in McHenry, Maryland, USA is the place you must visit. The Adventure Sports Center International of ASCI is an Olympic standard white water rafting and canoe or kayak slalom center. It is situated on the mountaintop of the Wisp Ski Resort at the Deep Creek Lake in McHenry, Maryland. It not the enjoyment or the facilities you get at ASCI but you also get the range of other services like guided trips, inflatable kayak rentals and also the river rentals. Apart from these it also gives you the training in all the adventure sports facilities it provides.

Adventure Sports Center International

The Adventure Sports Center International was started in May 2007 at the cost of US$ 24 million. It is basically an artificial whitewater facility. The Adventure Sports Institute is an educational partner for ASCI. The Adventure Sports Institute runs a college named Garrett College nearby which offers degree courses in outdoor adventure sports.

The idea of having an Adventure Sports Center International was originated from the 1989 Whitewater Slalom World Championship, which  happened in the Savage River of Western Maryland. The project was also an attempt to promote summer tourism in the region of Maryland and surrounding areas. But there was a Wisp Ski Resort already for having some kind of adventurous fun. After getting the support by the State Government of Maryland, the ASCI chose the site for the 2014 World Championship of Slalom Competition and it became an instant hit.

The first 100 meters of the course begin with a stream wide drop from the start of the pool and then it splits around the ‘Dark Destroyer’ rock at the very middle of the stream. In 2013 the top drop was narrowed and it was moved back to the start of the pool and the slope was also reduced along with the removal of the mid stream rock. The last 280 meters of the course starts at the lower bridge which is beyond the 300 meter competition area and it is also a practice area with an easy put-in and take-out on either shore. It is a 10 foot spillway drop in to the lower pool.


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