All about Airsoft Equipments


As we know that despite Airsoft being a fun and a recreational sport it certainly carries a danger. So in this article we are giving you the information which is all about Airsoft equipments. Take a look at some of the important Airsoft Equipments like Guns and Safety gears too.

The Airsoft Guns

All about Airsoft Equipments

The guns used for Airsoft are totally dummy and not harmful. They have the machinery to shoot projectiles with 6 mm or 8 mm diameter. The Airsoft guns come in various styles. There are spring loaded guns, battery powered automatic Electric Guns, Airsoft Electric Guns (AEG), gas powered guns which has a blowback feature which is popularly known as GBB. Not only guns, some of the companies even manufacture grenade launchers as well in which 6mm pellets are used with high powered spring machinery. In this variety also there is a Gas equivalent also available. In the gas variant, there are Compressed air, CO2, propane or green gas are used mostly. There is another equipment called FCU, which means Fire Control Unit, which is just like one have in their computer games.

The Airsoft guns are made of aluminum, plastic and alloy and they are very much lighter in weight than the real steel guns. But some of the Airsoft players prefer heavy weight guns to get the real feel.

Safety Gears of ‘Airsoft’

Despite being an old sport now it is hard to believe that there are no specific safety gears are made for ‘Airsoft’. The most vulnerable part of your body while playing Airsoft is your eyes and there are no specific gear to protect or guaranteed safety for your eyes are. So, people wear normal and traditional sunglasses or prescription glasses or goggles. But they may break or shatter while being in Airsoft if the high velocity bullet hits them, just in case.

Some of the players use the Paintball Masks which cover the entire face, teeth, chin and ears. These masks are made out of mesh screens and just like the glasses, they too are not safe for sure. Again a high velocity bullet can easily tear apart the mask. Getting suffocated and overheating is the other factor which a player must take into account, especially it is a hot and humid day.

So to avoid unwanted injuries which may kill the fun out of Airsoft, rules of distances are made by many Airsoft playing groups. There are additional safely rules included in Philippines to play Airsoft.