Amazing Adventure Sport Called ‘Airsoft’


An amazing adventure sport called ‘Airsoft’ is certainly one of the less talked about sports over the years. Probably because it is only popular in Japan and not anywhere else is the reason for it. Those who always like to feel adventurous about military situation on the field, for them Airsoft is the perfect sport to play. But this sport has a flip side too, and we will talk everything about it in this three part series.

What is ‘Airsoft’?

In an ‘Airsoft’ game the participants target and hit each other by a dummy firearm in which spherical non-metallic pellets are used. The situation is created as if there is a war going on or in the modern day scenario, there is an terror attack on a certain place. The composition and style is often a short term combats and they are organized scenarios mostly. Close Quarter Battles (CQB), Filed Battles, Military Simulations (MilSim) or even some reenactments from the pages of history books are some of the most popular Airsoft themes. In each organized scene the players need to follow the military tactics and try and achieve the targets which are set. The dummy equipments players use are as good as real modern military or police equipments.

How ‘Airsoft’ came into existence?

There is no exact date available as on when the sport of ‘Airsoft’ got into its existence, but it certainly originated in Japan and slowly it spread over Hong Kong and China in the late 1970s. As it always happens since last many years China has banned ‘Airsoft’. The Airsoft guns, then spread to the United Kingdom in the late 1980s and became popular too. The first ever Airsoft artillery manufacture was the LS. At that point of time the Airsoft guns were used to be sold in parts and the player had to assemble it just before the start of the play. Special Airsoft battlefields  also exist in the parts of Japan and few other parts of South East Asia, but the most famous Airsoft battlefield is in the United Kingdom at Mapledurham Estate in Reading. This Airsoft battlefield was set up in the year 1996. The Airsoft dummy pistols are largely made in Asia.


The motto of ‘Airsoft’ is fun an recreation only and it should not be played without wearing all the precautionary clothing and equipments for sure.

So try and enjoy the thrills of ‘Airsoft’ soon!!