Saturday, December 3, 2022

Andy Murray and Kim Sears to get engaged soon

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Finally the decision has been made and tennis star from the United Kingdom Andy Murray is getting engaged with his long term girlfriend and model Kim Sears soon. It is understood that Andy Murray finally proposed Kim Sears on last Wednesday. Andy Murray is 27 years old, whereas Kim Sears is a year younger to him.

Andy Murray and Kim Sears to get engaged soonThe lovebirds have been seen together since 2005 when they first met at the US Open that year at that time Kim Sears was accompanying her tennis coach father Nigel Sears at the tournament. Once the first meeting turned into a friendship and then a relationship, we have witnessed Kim Sears remain present at many important tennis games in which Andy Murray is playing. Kim Sears was present during both the semi finals and finals of the 2013 Wimbledon when Andy Murray became the first ever British player to win the tournament after more than 100 years.

Earlier this year, when asked about when he is getting married to Kim Sears, Andy Murray jokingly replied that they are going to get married after Wimbledon. Andy Murray was talking with his fans during that time. But after an hour or so passed Andy Murray denied it on Twitter and called it a joke.

Kim Sears who is from Sussex and is a daughter of former Lawn Tennis Association’s boss for the women’s tennis Nigel Sears. At one point of time Kim Sears also described Andy Murray’s mother, Judi Murray as ‘the best thing happen to Andy’! From that point people have started speculating about their marriage.

The irony is that the confirmation of Andy Murray and Kim Sears’ engagement came as a breaking news on the same day when Andy Murray decided to part away with his current trainer and assistant coach Dani Vallverdu and physical trainer Jez Green. In a clarification issued to the press on this matter, Andy Murray has described that all three of them sat down at the end of the current tennis season and they decided that a change would be the best thing to happen for all three of them. Andy Murray has already started his off season training and preparing for the Australian Open 2015 and he is feeling very exciting about it.

Coming back to the Murray-Sears story, the confirmation of their date of the engagement is yet to be known.

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