Basketball’s Twin Brother Called Netball


If you are watching a Netball game for the first time, then you probably will say that, “Basketball’s twin brother called Netball is here!” On the face the game of Netball certainly looks like basketball, but it has its own set of rules which makes it totally different than basketball. So, let us know all the informative details about Netball.

Basketball’s Twin Brother Called Netball, or is it a different ball game?

Brief Introduction to the game of Netball

The game of Netball is often called as the early form of basketball because of the way it is played. The game of Netball is being governed by its highest authority called International Netball Federation and it has more than 561, 000 players registered with it from more than 60 Netball playing nations. The first game of Netball was played in the 1890s and the current rules were standardized in 1960. The game can be played by both males and females separately and even mixed. The game needs netball and a bib and a specially made Netball court. The game is IOC recognized since 1995 and it is a regular event in the Commonwealth Games.

How Netball is played?

Netball is played on a rectangular court with notified specifications marked on it. Total 7 players are designated in each team. Each end of the court is raised with a goal rings, and each team attempts to pass the ball to score goal by shooting the ball into the net. Unlike in basketball, the Netball players are assigned to specific positions and defined roles. Their movements are restricted to the certain areas of the Netball court. The team which scores, most number of goals is declared winner. By the way, the game of Netball lasts for 60 minutes.

Restrictions for a Netball player during the Game

A player who is in the possession of the ball cannot hold the ball more than 3 seconds before shooting it to the goal or passing it to the other player. A player is assigned to a specific position and he/she should remain within those limits of that certain area of the court. Only two players are permitted in both attacking and shooting circle and as well as in the defensive shooting circle. The other players are restricted to the 2/3 of the court, but in the Center players can move anywhere but not to touch the shooting circle.


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