Saturday, December 3, 2022

Some of the Best Golf Quotes

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We have seen plenty of ups and downs and major activities during this year in Golf like any other sport in the world. Players were speaking in and out of the golf courses and tournaments. Let us have a look at some of the special or in other words, the best quotes by the top-notch golfers during the year 2014. These quotes are in no way are ranked, these are just random collections of quotes we found on the net.

Some of the Best Golf Quotes by top golfers

I can’t really go into much right now, but as I said in my statement, I have done absolutely nothing wrong and that is why I have been fully cooperating with the FBI agents and I am happy to do so in the future too until this gets resolved.

Phil Mickelson, who was under an investigation by the FBI and SEC in a possible insiders trading case.  

Green Jacket

Rory McIlroy, when asked about his goals for 2015

I would love to sit down with him for an hour and give him a piece of my knowledge…then I think he could win majors

Gary Player, on his desire to talk to Tiger Woods about his recent failures

I will be all day playing with him..I have never said he wasn’t a great politician. I am just saying that he is a sh***y golfer

Michael Jordan on playing a dream foursome with President Obama.

That’s sort of overkill. We have had 70 years of Ryder Cup, and it has gotten along just fine. The pendulum will swing back without making a monumental thing about it.

Jack Nicklaus, on the repeated weak performance of the Team USA in the Ryder Cup.

The difference between Jack and Tiger at 38 is when Jack was 38 everybody wanted to hit like him, but I don’t think many guys want to hit like Tiger.

Paul Azinger, comparing Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods at the age of 38

I would quit the game before I do that

Bubba Watson, on hiring a mental game coach for himself rather than a swing coach.

It also looks like that I will be forced to miss several upcoming tournaments to focus on my rehabilitation and getting healthy

Tiger Woods, on missing the Masters due to his back injury.

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