Brazuca – 2014 FIFA World Cup ball, Know the Technology, Science, Design about it


The countdown for the FIFA World Cup 2014 is now in its final leg and the organizers are busy in giving the final touches to their four year long preparations for the mega sporting event of the world. Everything is set and every football fan is waiting eagerly for the kick off, but do you really know about the ball which is going to get used for this world Cup? Well the answer probably is NO. Well if you really don’t know anything about ‘Brazuca’ the football which is going to get used in this world cup then just go through this article and update  yourself.

Brazuca – 2014 FIFA World Cup ball Facts

Name of the ball which is going to get use for the FIFA World Cup 2014: Brazuca

Weight: 437 grams or 0.96 pounds

Circumference: 69 cm

Rebound: 141 cm

Water Absorption: 0.2% (low and should retain the shape and weight even if its raining)

Loss of Pressure: 7%

Altitude: 0-1600 m

Tested for : 2 and half  years

Tested by: More than 600 players

Views asked for: 287 players – 30% of them are non – adidas players

The Brazuca Ball: Has 6 panel shape, patched carcass, Butyl bladder, PU based foam material, 2D thermal bonding.

Technical Details of Brazuca (As per the manufacturer Adidas):

  • The Brazuca ball has six polyurethane panels in all and they all will keep the ball to remain bonded with the same weight and roundness even when there is a heaviest of rain is going on.
  • It has the fastest flight speed till date and it has the true maintenance of the roundness.
  • The bladder of the Brazuca ball is made out of latex and thus it provides the rebound which every footballer desires to have.
  • The Brazuca ball is already called the most colorful ball till now as it has the shining colors like white, night blue and multi color colorway.

What the experts say about Brazuca ball:

It is like a beach ball.

–          Michael Carric

The ball looks like drunken sailors.

–          Daniel Agger

It is like a ball we purchase from the supermarket. But the players will like it.

–          Julio Cesar

The sign of a good ball is when no one really talks about it. I don’t think anyone will have anything negative to say about Brazuca.

– Steven Gerrard 


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