Bubba Watson Accepts His Mistakes at PGA Championship


The two time Masters Champion Bubba Watson has been in the news for all the wrong reasons since the PGA Championship was taken place. It has been two weeks since the championship got over, but the criticisms do not get fade away.

It all started when before the PGA Championship, Watson refused to take part in the revitalizing long-drive competition on the Tuesday before the tournament on the 10th hole at Valhalla. Then his attitude on the golf course was also a matter of concern for everyone, including the golfer himself. He threw a couple of tantrums including some audible curses and finally the complaints about the rain water collection on his club face. If this was not enough, he asked his caddie Ted Scott to place a tee on the ground and not doing it by himself so that he can remain under the umbrella.

This attitude by Bubba Watson was criticized by many experts but the biggest criticism was made by the noted golf journalist Dave Kindred in the Golf Digest. A day after this article was published; Kindred met Watson face to face and told him what exactly he has written. To everyone’s surprised, after what they saw at the PGA Championship, Watson took the criticism sportingly and said that he need to be held accountable.

In an interview given to Jason Sobel of the golfchannel.com, Watson admitted that not competing for the ‘long drive competition’ was the first mistake and that was the selfish part on me because I did not agree with it. But there are many other things which I do not agree with but still I do.

Watson continued by talking about his attitude on the course that he wanted something so bad and there is no reason behind it. It is natural that when you are performing at the highest level you do show your emotions at the same time. He also said that he went a bit overboard because he wanted something bad. He said he wants to be recon as one of the greatest golfer and for that he wants to win more and more golf tournaments.

Although Watson’s attitude with his caddie too has been a part of criticism for quite some time now, but Ted Scott seems to be cool about it and probably he knows Watson more than anyone else. Just over the weekend, Watson gifted him two cars, so everything seems to be normal between Scott and Watson as off now.