All about Caving


Traditionally, Caving is known as Speluking in the United States and in Canada. It is called potholing in the United Kingdom and in Ireland. Caving and Cave Diving are two different recreational and adventure sports so do not think that they are the same. Caving is generally a fun and recreational activity to find the ancient and naturally built cave system, where as speleology is one of the scientific studies about caves and the environment of it.

All about Caving

History and Development of Caving as an Adventure Sport

Edouard-Alfred Martel is called the pioneer of caving and he was the first person who explored the famous Gouffre de Padirac cave in France in 1889. Martel was also the first one to complete drop of the Gaping Gill in Yorkshire, England, which was 110 meter wet vertical shaft. In 1912 Martel visited USA and visited the Kentucky Mammoth Cave National Park. That brought caving to the USA and Floyd Collins became the first and famous caver as he made some of the important explorations during the entire decade of 1930s.

Since then caving both as an adventure sport and also as a scientific study has grown up at large. In 1941 the American cavers also organized the National Speleological Society or NSS and made the caving advanced. They started the exploration, conservation, study and understanding of different caves in the United States.

The word Spelunking was first used by the American caver Clay Perry in the 1940s, when he wrote about a group of boys who explored new caves in New England. The group, which Perry mentioned used to call themselves as ‘Spelunkers’, the word is originated from the Latin world ‘Spelunca’ and since then Speluking is a very much part of the US English dictionary.

Caving, despite being an adventure sport, it often regarded as a sport in which people can enjoy fully. It is of course and outdoor activity which can give you a physical exercise as well. It has the thrill of exploring something new and it is as good as mountaineering too. Unearthed caves often attract the cavers as they have to do the entire process, such as survey, locate and then to explore them fully. Caving can also be done individually and also in a group.