The Different Variants of Carrom


Carrom is the board game we all know, but it doesn’t have only one way to play. The different types of Carrom board games make it even more interesting game than ever before, especially after it became uniformed by the ICF (International Carrom Federation).

Different Types of Carrom

Family Point Carrom

The game of Carrom originated as a family game, hence the first variant is obviously related to how people play the game of Carrom at their homes. The main objective of this variant is to enjoy and spend some quality time with the family. Here there is no stoppage on which color disks you need to pocket, for each black disk pocketed the player gets 5 points, 10 for the white and queen earns 25 points for the player provided if it is covered. The highest number of point winner ultimately wins the carom board game. This game can be played individually or also in pairs as well.

Point Carrom

This is quite similar to the family point carrom but over here both the black and white disks will earn you 1 point each, whereas after covering the queen it will earn you 3 points. The player who reaches the 25 points mark is declared winner and if there is no clear winner then the highest number of point winner will be declared as winner. In case of a tie a tiebreaker is played where players are allowed to choose two different numbers of disks and they need to pocket them only on rebounds.

Total Point Carrom

In this variant which is very much popular in India and Pakistan, two players play individually and turn by turn. The black disks get you 5 points and whites will worth 10 points. 50 points will be earned if the queen has been properly covered. The players keep on playing carrom till all the Carrom men are pocketed by the lowest scorer player after the first round.

Professional Carrom

These carrom board rules are formed by the ICF and for the national and international Carrom championships these carrom rules are used. As per these rules every Carrom game is consisted with 29 points. Each player is assigned with a color of disks and they have to pocket the assigned colour disks only. The players can’t pocket the queen before the first disk is pocketed and after the last disk is pocketed. As per normal rules over here too the queen must be duly covered. The queen and its cover can’t be pocketed in the same pocket. The first person who pockets all of his designated color disks is declared the winner.


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