Dressage – the Equestrian Event


Dressage – the Equestrian Event is totally defined in this article. One of the three major categories of Equestrian, Dressage is one of the most stylish of them all. Let us have a look at it.

Dressage – the Equestrian Event

Dressage is the French word which loosely means ‘training’ in English. It is a competitive sports anyways and it is a part of the Equestrian. The International Equestrian Federation has termed Dressage as the ‘highest expression of horse training’ and it is absolutely right as well. How? We will discuss it later. Dressage competitions are held at all the levels, like from amateur to the World Equestrian Games.

How Actually the Game of Dressage is Played?

If you are aware of the motive behind Dressage then you probably would know the answer. Actually a horse who is part of any kind of Dressage game whether it is amateur or at an international level, it only means that there is a plenty of hard work given behind it. Because Dressage is to be played by the horse and not the man who is riding on it! The horse has been trained in such a way that it develops a gymnastic sense. The rider is allowed to give his/her horse the minimum help possible and he/she has always had to remain cool and calm and let the horse perform. The horse performs at its own will and very few directions can be given by its master.

Different Dressage Tests at International Level

The regular Dressage Tests currently taken at International level, either at the Olympics or at any Grand Prix are these….

Piaffe: It is a compose, calm and elevated trot movements (must be forward) of trot. The backward movement by the horse is not allowed.

Passage: It is a collected trot. In this, the horse while having a trot with an elevated stride and takes a pause between pulling down its feet. This needs great strength for the horse and the highest level of the training.

Extended Gaits: This one has both the trot and the canter where the horse lengthens its stride to the maximum length possible and goes forward with it. Comparing with Olympics in Grand Prix the horses show more amazing trot extensions.

Collected Gaits: In this horse takes short stride and then puts more weight on its hind end. The entire process maintains a single tempo.

Flying Changes in Sequence, Piroutte and Half Pass are the other major Dressage categories for the various international competitions.