Equestrian – A Sport Played by Man and Animal


Equestrian – A Sport played by man and animal. Read the article and get all the basic information about the sport called equestrian. This is going to be a three article series.

Equestrian – A Sport Played by Man and Animal

Equestrian is a Latin word which has been originated from Equestrianism and it actually means riding on the horse. Equestr in Latin means a horse by the way. Equestrian is a British sport and it has been spread across the British Commonwealth nations.

Equestrian as a Popular Sport

Equestrian was already a popular sport in the United Kingdom when it was first introduced in the 1900 Olympics in Paris, but then for next two Olympic Games it was not included. But since 1912 in each of the Olympics Equestrian has featured as a participating sport. There are three kinds of Equestrian events in the Olympics currently, which are Dressage, Eventing and Jumping. There are 6 mixed events in which both man and woman can take part of. In this sport the Horse is at an equal level of the rider or in other words the athlete.

The 1924 Olympics were the first one which was held under the authority of FEI. FEI or Federation Equestre Internationale is the highest regulating authority of Equestrian.

Rules of Equestrian

  • A horse rider as per the FEI rules must be 16 years old. All the participating horses must be at least 7 years old. There is no maximum age limit for the either of these though.
  • FEI is currently allowing horses and riders as per the quota allotment. For Jumping each National Federation is allowed to rope in a team of 4 riders out of which 1 will be kept as a reserve. 5 riders are allowed for the event team, with no reserve and 3 riders are allowed for the Dressage.
  • Drug Rules are strict as per Olympic and WADA norms and even Horses are included in it.
  • For the Olympics all the participating Horses have a must veterinary inspection before the start of the game so that they are ensured of good health and not having any danger of a disease. Special veterinary inspection can be called any time during the length of the games.