Equipment and Skills Required for Cave Diving


After knowing that what exactly the Cave Diving is and how it is different from the Scuba Diving, now its time to know about the equipments which are used for the Cave Diving. We will also highlight some of the minimum skills required for it also. Remember this is just an informative article and it should not be taken as a guideline. Always get training from a competent coach to acquire full knowledge of Cave Diving.

First of all, let us talk about the Equipments which are required for the Cave Diving. Usually or normally the divers use the standard recreational Scuba Diving equipments for Cave Diving because they are fairly good in having freedom of movements even when there is a small space to penetrate. Normally side-mount harnesses, re-breathers, back plates, wing harnesses along with twin and sling cylinders are the equipment which are normal in Scuba Diving are used by the Cave Divers as well.

The biggest and most common hazard in Cave Diving is getting lost in the cave. For that every Cave Diver must be insisted to take the standard guidelines for every cave they are going to penetrate. These guidelines are normally permanent and there are also permanent marks also laid by the previous divers. But it is also advisable to use cave reels to deploy the recover line.

Line Arrows and cookies are also advisable for the usage and to get the nearer to the exit point. Dive lights and torches are also must for any Cave diver as it is critical as well. There is always a dark inside the cave. Do not forget to take a backup light along with your primary light and both the lights must be used at the very last portion of your dive.

If we talk about skills or technique for the Cave Diving then one must have the buoyancy control and trim and fining control should be more than handful for the Cave Divings. One must have the ability to navigate through darkness and must not go outside any guideline provided by the masters of the game. There must be a Plan A,B,C or any number of plan ready for any emergency which you may face while you are deep inside the cave.