Everything You Want to Know about Women’s Golf


Just like women’s tennis, women’s golf too is competitive and glamorous and everything you want to know about Women’s gold is here, in this very article. So let us know all about how the Women’s golf is managed, who regulates them, whether in women’s golf too there are some competitions which is called major? And we will also know about other competitions of women’s golf too.

Everything You Want to Know about Women’s Golf

The women’s golf is managed and regulated by the Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association or LPGA. It runs parallel to the men’s PGA but the only thing which differentiates the two is that in LPGA there are five majors whereas in PGA there are only four majors. Apart from this it is also observed that the LPGA is not as stable as the PGA.

LPGA Major Tournaments

As we have mentioned in our introductory paragraph there are five majors recognized by the LPGA as ‘Majors’ and they are.

  • Kraft Nabisco Championship – Held annually at the Mission Hills Country Club, Rancho Mirage, in California during the months of March – April.
  • LPGA Women’s Championship – Held annually at a various golf clubs across the United States of America.
  • U. S. Women’s Open – Annual event since the year 1946 which is played on various golf courses of the United States of America.
  • Women’s British Open – An LPGA Major which is held every year on various golf courses across the United Kingdom.
  • The Evian Championship – The French Major organized every year at the Evian Resort Golf Club in Haute – Savoie, France.

It is important to note here that in 2001 the du Maurier Classic which was held in Canada was declared as ‘Major’ but then the Canadian government passed stricter laws on tobacco advertising and the tournament lost its sponsor and lost its status as a Major as well. The tournament is still played but it has now become a low key event.

In 2013 The Evian Championship, which is a yearly event was granted the status of ‘Major’ by the LPGA. The Evian Championship already had the ‘Major’ tag, given by the Ladies European Tour or LET.

What is a Grand Slam in Women’s Golf?

Just like in tennis the player who wins the entire ‘Major’ in a single year is called a grand slam in women’s golf too. Till now no woman golfer has been able to win ‘grand slam’ in its history. Babe Zaharias came near to it when she won three majors in 1950. But there are few golfers who have been able to win all four majors (prior to the inclusion of the Avian Championship) at one point of time of their careers. These ladies are Pat Bradley, Annika Sorenstam, Ulie Inkster, Karrie Webb, Louse Suggs and Mickey Wright.

Kerrie Webb is the only player who has got the distinction of winning ‘Super Grand Slam’ as she has won the du Maurier Classic as well when it was recognized as LPGA Major plus she has won all five existing Majors as well.