Explaining the Four Men Scramble in Golf


Normally the scramble format in golf is used during big scale events like charity golf, corporate golf or pro-am golf outings. The best gain from the scramble format is that it allows players to contribute in the game with all the abilities he or she has plus it also speeds up the game as well. The newcomers of golf can also adopt the rules and learn the game quickly if they play the scramble format in golf. It also helps the new golfers to learn rules and terminology. Although the scramble format can be used by more than one players, but the Four Men Scramble is the most popular among it.

Explaining the Four Men Scramble in Golf

Definition of Four Men Scramble

As the name itself suggests the Four Men Scramble involves four golfers. In this format, each team has four men in it and they hit from the tee box one after another and then chooses the best shot among them and then goes for the next shot. This process continues till the hole is completed. Then the team checks the records and its scores, this system goes on for all the 18 holes.

Importance of Four Men Scramble

The biggest importance of Four Men Scramble is that it is for the charity for the most number of times and it is also played by novices hence the more the game is faster more the people will glue to it and do not get bored. So what people do, is that they keep four golfers which have four different capabilities in golf. Either in Tee offing or in hitting long shots or in putting, so that the game never loses the pace. If it is not possible to have four good players or experienced players in a single team then the organizers take ample care to have at least one good or experienced player in the team. The best thing Four Men Scramble Golf adds is the team work and may corporate companies across the world organizes such events often so that their employees learn the importance of teamwork while enjoying themselves at the golf course.

In many parts of the USA, Europe and Japan big corporate companies also allow the general public to watch the Four Men Scramble event for free.