F1 Hopeful Indian Jehan Daruvala Gets Fortec Contract


Jehan Daruvala a known F1 hopeful, not only in the Indian F1 circuit but also in the world circuit also has 7 months to start his first ever season in car racing but he has already begun his practice just two months back. So, Jehan Daruvala will get at least 9 months of continuous practice before he makes his debut. Firstly Jehan Daruvala was busy with finding a right team for himself and also developing a physical strength to coop with the top most level of car racing and also was trying to adjust with Formula Renault 2.0. At the age of 16 Jehan has covered the first base. Yes, he has been signed by the British car racing team Fortec which will mark his first year away from the basic karting level.

The Northamptonshire based company Fortec has offered Mumbai based Jehan Daruvala a one year contract. Jehan is far more excited to see the people with whom he will work with in the Fortec team rather than going through the contract details or the earnings he is going to make. He is just a teen and he will be with the top cream of racing in his Fortec team. Someone like Prince Ferdinand Hapsburg of Austria and another Austrian driver Joseph Mowson will be right there alongside Jehan in the Fortec pit. As per Jehan the Fortec team members are very friendly bunch and that has created a very good atmosphere and that will help him to learn the things faster and better.

What has appealed Jehan the most is the way team Fortec analyzes the data. Each driver’s statistics are based on their speed and then each bend is compared. All those statistics are then broken down in such a way that it becomes easy to understand and then it is up to the driver to improve. Jehan is already buoyed and he says that once he strengthen his neck muscles and works properly on the cardiovascular strength, he will be right up there to the mark!


Jehan Daruvala’s testing drive will start once he finishes his IGCSE examinations in January. Jehan knows that he has to do a lot to be trained in the car and also in the simulator, which is completely at a different level than what he has learn in the karts. He is going to make those adjustments before the season starts.