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Facts you must know about FIFA World Cup 2014

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As we all know that Brazil is going to host the 20th FIFA World Cup this year. Sportycious brings you some hard facts about this year’s football carnival which you must know. Here are those facts.

Facts you must know about FIFA World Cup 2014How Brazil got the right to host the FIFA World Cup 2014

On 30th of October, 2013 when Colombia withdrew its nomination from hosting the 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup, Brazil remained the only nominee to host the premier football tournament. This will be only the second third FIFA World Cup to be held in Latin America, first one being in 1950 in Brazil itself and second in Argentina in the year 1978.

Fact File-FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

Host Country: Brazil, South America

Edition: 20th

Tournament Dates: From 12th June to 13th July 2014

Number of Participating Teams: 32

HostCities and Stadiums: 12

Total Number of Matches: 64

Volunteers: 15, 000

Expected attendance: More than 3, 300, 000

Defending Champions: Spain

Host Cities (fondly known as):

Rio de Janeiro (The Marvelous City)

Sao Paulo (Powerhouse of South America)

Cuiaba (Red Carpet Entrance to the Pantanal)

Porto Alegre (Cosmopolitan ‘Gaucho’ City)

Belo Horizonte (Metropolis on the Horizon)

Brasilia (Capital of the New Millenium)

Natal (Capital of Dunes & Beaches)

Fortaleza (Life’s a Beach…!)

Salvador (Colonial Treasure Chamber)

Caritiba (Best Organized City of Brazil)

Racife (Venice of Brazil)


Stadium: Estadio Journalista Mario Filho, Maracana

City: Rio de Janeiro

Capacity: 78, 838

Stadium: Arena Corinthians

City: Sao Paulo

Capacity: 65, 807 + 20, 000 earthly seats

Stadium: Estadio Nacional

City: Brasilia

Capacity: 70, 042

Stadium: Mineirao

City: Belo Horizonte

Capacity: 66, 805

Stadium: Castelao

City: Fortaleza

Capacity: 64, 846

Stadium: Arena Fonte Nova

City: Salvador

Capacity: 48,747

Stadium: Estadio Beira-Rio

City: Porto Alegre

Capacity: 48, 849

Stadium: Arena Pernambuco

City: Recife

Capacity: 44, 248

Stadium: Arena das Dunas

City: Natal

Capacity: 42, 086

Stadium: Arena Amazonia

City: Manaus

Capacity: 42, 374

Stadium: Arena Pantanal

City: Cuiaba

Capacity: 42, 968

Stadium: Arena da Baixada

City: Curitiba

Capacity: 41, 456

Participating Teams:


Japan | Iran | South Korea | Australia

North and Central America

United States of America | Mexico | Costa Rica | Honduras


Ivory Cost | Ghana | Algeria | Nigeria | Cameroon

South America

Argentina | Colombia | Uruguay | Brazil (Hosts) | Chile | Ecuador


Spain | Germany | Belgium | Switzerland | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Croatia | England | France | Greece | Italy | Netherlands | Portugal | Russia

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