Federer Knocks out Murray out of ATP World Tour Finals


The term, ‘knocking out’ probably is too lighter for the amount of defeat Andy Murray received from Roger Federer, the most suitable world for it is ‘humiliated’. Yes, it took only 56 minutes for the 17 Grand Slam champion Roger Federer to win his 3rd game in Group B against UK’s own son Andy Murray with the score line of 6-0, 6-1. Roger Federer by virtue of this win has now qualified for the semi finals.

Even at the start of this game, things were not looking good for Andy Murray either. He needed a straight set win to qualify for the semis but what happened then was totally unexpected. Murray could win only eight points in the first set and lost the set by 6-0. This is the worst ever performance by Andy Murray since he was defeated by Novak Djokovic in the similar fashion at Miami in 2007 with the score line suggesting a 6-1, 6-0 result.

The victorious Roger Federer obviously sounded happy when asked about the match. Federer said that, its very clear that he is very happy to play a ‘good’ match today. He admitted that he knew that he was already qualified for the semis, hence he went about the entire things in a more relaxed state of mind! Wonder what would have happened to Murray, had ‘Fedex’ was not in relaxing mood and was ready and pumped up!!??

Roger Federer had all the sympathies for Andy Murray and said that he was not hoping that the match will go like that, but for him (Murray) there is always a next year and he can have a good season next year. Federer said that he liked that he did not win the second last game in the second set.

This was first ever 6-0 set loss by Andy Murray in last four years. Murray admitted that it is going to be a ‘tough night’ for him after this shocking defeat. Murray said that in the past he has lost Grand Slam finals because they were tough, but the way this match has gone, it was far from perfect from his side of the court.

Though, Andy Murray praised his opponent and said that Federer played exceptionally well for sure, but he is disappointed with the level of his and had he played well he would have definitely win the game.

Around 17000 fans were present for this game at the O2 Arena in London, including the Chelsea Manager Jose Murinho.