The Freestyle Scooter Parts


After getting knowledge about Freestyle Scootering and the surfaces on which it is played, now it is time to know about the equipment, the scooter without which this Adventure Sport is of no use.

The Freestyle Scooter Parts

The Freestyle Scooter Parts

There are many parts in a small looking scooter and we will discuss the main and most used parts in the scooter only.

Decks: Decks are the part on which the performer rests his or her foot. Despite having a history of just around 20 odd years the decks of the scooter has kept on changing. The very first decks were used to be called the ‘Razor A Style’ decks. Nowadays the decks of the freestyle scooters are not having a folding mechanism which the early scooters used to have. Most of the decks in a current lot of scooters are actually three different parts which are made out of metal and are welded and/or bolted to remain to gather.

Bars: Bars or hand bars are actually made out of chrome or aluminum. Even here the technology has made loads of changes and the first used bars have now been things of passé and new bars are welded and stronger ones. There are many variations in bars and OG or T-bars are more popular. The width of these scooter bars are 14” to 30” wide and they are between 18” to 30” taller.

Forks: The scooter forks are necessary so that it can take the burden of bent and stresses the scooter takes while the rider is riding on it and performing. There are companies in the USA who are masters of making fresstyle scooter forks only. The forks work with a compression system and it has replaced the thread system which was existed earlier and has made life easier for the riders.

Wheels: Of course the wheels are an integral part of a scooter and it is made of plastic core and urethane outside. But then the problems of cracked and broken wheels arise and new metal core wheels are developed which are used even today.

Breaks: Plenty of choices for the breaks are available for the riders but the flex fenders are the most used breaks in the freestyle scootering. The old style breaks used to led the situation of cracking and the new style of having flat and curves piece of metal as a break is working just fine for these scooters.

Pegs:  The pegs which you often find in the BMX bikes are often seen in these scooters as well. The scooter pegs are used for cutting out on ledges and other obstacles.


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