Freestyle Scootering – A Different Kind of Adventure Sport


Freestyle Scootering is also known as scootering, scooter riding or simply riding only. It is an adventure sports which involves both the man and the machine. A scooter which is also known as kick scooters in the USA is the tool on which a human performs different kind of acrobatics. Sometimes the mannerism in Freestyle Scootering also matches the mannerisms of Surfing and Skateboarding. Let us know more about Freestyle Scootering.

Freestyle Scootering – A Different Kind of Adventure Sport

Before getting more details about Freestyle Scootering we must know about the origins, or in other words, the history of Freestyle Scootering.

History of Freestyle Scootering

The Freestyle Scootering is not that old adventure sport. It all started in the decade of 1990s when Gino Tsai with his Micro Mobility Systems and the JD Corporation both joined hands to manufacture first ever scooter. The Sharper Image became the first distributor of these scooters in 1999 and it took a very little time to become popular. Razor Images was founded in California USA and with the popularity of these scooters the company sales took off and the Razor Images started manufacturing its own scooters under the name of Razor Scooters within a year of the scooter launch in the USA.

In 2000 Razor Scooters created its own team and released their first video called ‘Razor Evolution’. The scooter revolution was just begun in the USA at that point of time and it started to grow like anything. The first ever Freestyle Scootering tournament was held in the year 2006 at San Diego and it still remains the biggest scooter related tournament ever in its brief history.

Around that time one more manufacturer the TSI Scooters came into the marked and it produced the ‘One Piece Deck, which was a folding mechanism and it was made out of the headtube which was solidly welded directly to the deck of the scooter.

Since then till today the scooter manufacturing is getting updated time and again and new technologies have started immerging in scooters. A new generation of Scooter Riders have been born and different kind of Freestyle Scootering styles were also introduced.

The current Freestyle Scootering age is also called the ‘maturation of scootering by the scooter riders and it is expected to get bigger and stronger in coming days.


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