French Open Final 2014 – Nadal Vs Djokovic Statistical Highlights


French Open 2014, Men’s Singles Final

The undisputed king of the clay court or rather we can say of ‘Roland Garros’ has roared again and stamped his authority on the French Open for the 10th time. Yes Rafael Nadal has won the French Open once again and has repeated the feat for the 5th time in a row. After losing the first set Nadal made a strong comeback and never allowed Djokovic to win any set further. This was first time that Novak Djokovic has lost a Grand Slam Final after winning the first set. Well, there is always a first time right?

French Open Final 2014 - Nadal Vs Djokovic Statistical Highlights

Rafael Nadal (Spain) (1) Vs Novak Djokovic (Serbia) (2)

Venue: Court Philippe Chatrier, Roland Garros, Paris (France)

Final Score

Rafael Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic by 3-6 | 7-5 | 6-2 | 6-4

Total time: 3 hours 52 minutes

       1st – 44 minutes

       2nd – 60 minutes

       3rd –50 minutes

       4th – 57 minutes

Overall Stats

  Nadal Djokovic
Aces 3 11
Double Faults 4 3
1st Serves In 84/120 – 70% 82/126 – 65%
1st Serve Points won 61/84 – 73% 59/82 – 72%
2nd Serve Points won 18/36 – 50% 16/44 – 36%
Fastest Serve 199 KMH 203 KMH
Average 1st Serve Speed 175 KMH 182 KMH
Average 2nd Serve Speed 136 KMH 145 KMH
Net Points won 11/16 – 69% 17/25 – 68%
Break Points won 6/10 – 60% 3/9 – 33%
Receiving Points won 51/126 – 40% 41/120 – 34%
Winners 44 43
Unforced Errors 38 49
Total  Points Won 130 116

Statistical Delights After French Open Final 2014:

  • This is Rafael Nadal’s 14th Grand Slam title overall. Just 3 titles lighter to Roger Federer.
  • This is 3rd time that Nadal has won a Grand Slam final after losing the first set.
  • This is now 10th year where Nadal has won at least one major in a year.
  • This was the 35th consecutive win for Nadal at Roland Garros.
  • Nadal has lost only 1 match in last 10 years at Roland Garros.
  • This was Djokovic’s first final loss after winning the first set.
  • Rafael Nadal has a 66-1 win loss record at the French Open.

Quotes from the match:

“Last year was emotional for a few things. This year are emotional for another ones. But for sure when you are able to win Roland Garros, always will be emotional no? And then more when you age is older, no? Last year was with 27; this year with 28. That’s not forever.”

–          From Rafael Nadal’s winning speech, French Open Final 2014“Well, if I was a left hander, maybe I would win the tournament.”

– Novak Djokovic after losing the French Open Final 2014


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