Yes the game of cricket is often regarded as ‘gentlemen’s game’ but that doesn’t mean that the gentlemen can’t even have some fun. Yes, some of these incidents did go out of the proportions and became ugly and people who have involved or who have seen these incidents happening before their eyes might have thought that they shouldn’t have happened at all the first place, but after passing so many years even those incidents look funny. Let us know about a ew of those top most incidents.

Some of the Funniest Incidents on the Cricket Field

  • Australians are known for sledging for many years now. In one of the tour of Pakistan to down under Dennis Lille sledged Pakistan batsman Javed Miandad heavily. We all know how short tempered Javed Miandad is. But still he controlled himself for a while, but when the sledging continued Javed literary raised his  bat to hit Lille. The poor umpire had to come in the middle to stop the situation going out of control.
  • Javed Miandad was no saint either. In his another tour to Australia, he replied Merve Hughes’ sledge by calling him ‘a bus conductor’ and when Hughes got him out soon and Javed was on his way back to the pavilion, Hughes ran behind him and said “ticket please” !!
  • This one is probably not the funniest, but an ugly incident of all time in world cricket. 11 runs needed off the last over by the New Zealand team against Australia and the Australian captain Greg Chappel asked his younger brother Trevor to bowl it. The Kiwis lost two wickets and scored four runs in the first five balls means they needed 6 runs off the last ball. Bruce Edger was on the strike and to avoid any unwanted result, Greg Chapple asked Trevor to ball the last ball underarm. It was not against the rule at that time, but it was certainly against the spirit of the game and everyone in the stadium, including the umpires and the commentators were stunned with Greg Chapples decision. Frustrated Edger then just dabbed the ball and started walking towards the pavilion. Soon after this incident the ICC banned underarm bowling.
  • When Sachin Tendulkar scored heavily in his first series against Australia in Australia and even scoring a century at Perth, after the test match got over Merv Hughes predicted to his captain Allan Border that “AB this little prick is going to get more runs than you.”  And we all know that exactly what happened a few years later.


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