Famous Female / Male Volleyball Players

In our introductory article for Volleyball, we have mentioned that Volleyball has short but very interesting history and that means that it must have produced some of the famous players who have ever played the game called Volleyball. In the year 2001, the Federation Internationale de Volleyball or FIVB announced the list of the greatest Volleyball players in both the male and female categories for the past century. This selection was made by 12 members expert panel, which gone through the players’ top results, stability, personal attitude, performance and technical contribution towards the game. Here is the final list announced by FIVB.

Best Volleyball Player Women

Greatest Women Volleyball Players Ever by FIVB. (Some of these players may not be part of the FIVB list, please note) This list is not final either. But we have tried ever best to give you the best Volleyball players’ names who have played the game in its short history. You can certainly differ with this list and can also post your own favorites in the comments.

  • Regla Torres (Cuba – 1992/2000): She won three Olympic gold medals for her team.

  • Lang Ping (China – 1981/84)

  • Inna Ryskal (USSR – 1964/76)

  • Fernanda Venturini (Brazil – 1986/96)

  • Kerri Walsh

  • Logan Tom, USA

  • Misty May-Treanor , USA

  • Paula Weishoff, USA

  • Rosa Magers-Powell: One of the most dominant player as a middle blockers in the 1980s and early 1990s.

  • Yumilka Ruiz Luaces, Cuba: One of the best captain ever who lead her Cuban women’s volleyball team.

Best Volleyball Player Men

Greatest Male Volleyball Players Ever by FIVB (Some of these best volleyball players may not be part of the FIVB list, please note)

  • Charles ‘Karch’ Kiraly, USA: Considered as the best ever Volleyball player. He could play both indoor and outdoor Volleyball with equal masterful control.

  • Lorenzo Bernardi, Italy: Two times world champion in 1990 and 1994 for his team.

  • Hugo Conte, Argentina (1982/2000)

  • Renan Dalzotto, Brazil (1982/88)

  • Katsutoshi Nekoda, Japan (1964/77)

  • Josef Musil, Czech Republic (1952/68)

  • Konstantin Reva, USSR (1949/56)

  • Tomas Wojtowicz, Poland (1974/76)

  • Giba, Brazil

  • Phill Dalhausser, USA

  • Randy Stoklos: First player to earn US$ 1, 000, 000 as a professional Volleyball player.

  • Jimmy George, India : First professional volleyball player from India who played for an Italian Volleyball club.

  • Ron Von Hagen : A player who played 54 beach volleyball tournaments and never finished below 3rd spot.

  • Sinjin Smith, USA (1979/82)

  • Steve Timmons, USA



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