It’s All about Hang Gliding


Hand Gliding is one of the most popular extreme or adventure sports we have. Not only is that, it one of the oldest adventure sports as well. To know more about hang gliding let us read this special article on it.

It’s All about Hang Gliding

What is Hang Gliding?

Hang Gliding can be also called an air sport in which the pilot or the participant takes a ride on a light and non automatic foot-launch aircraft which is called a ‘hang glider’. Most of these hang gliding aircrafts are made out of aluminum alloy or composite frame which is covered by a synthetic cloth totally. The pilot or the participant is strapped with this air frame at the bottom and he or she has to control the movement of the air craft by moving his or her body in the opposition to control the frame while in the air. In the modern hang gliding aircrafts, there is a facility of having flight control system, which is still non-automatic.

In the old days the hang gliders were restricted to jump from a small hill because of the lack of knowledge and of course lack of technically equipped hang gliding aircrafts. But now a days with new technology and the zeal for the adventure sport available the most, the hand gliders can soar and float in the skies for hours and hours. They even do some of their acrobatics in the air as well.

The safety instructions issued by the regulator The Federation Aeronautique Internationale is a must follow for every hand glider to enjoy the safe and joyous ride always.

History of Hang Gliding

Man always wants to fly whether by turning arms into wings or by an aeroplane or with hang gliding. But in previous centuries despite having the hang gliders up in the arms the attempts to fly went berserk and they failed. But in 1880 Otto Lilienthal built a glider which was controllable by the humans and with the help of it one could even soar in the air became an instant hit. Based on this equipment only the pioneers of aircrafts too able to make small aeroplanes as well.

By the mid of the last century Hang Gliding got the perfect aircraft which we are using and seeing these days and it kept on getting improved by every decade. Even NASA jumped in to the technology and it has helped the professional hang gliders immensely.