All about Hang Gliding Components


As we have described in our previous article that Hang Gliding is an air sport in which the pilot or the Hang glider takes a ride on a light and non automatic foot launched air craft. But do you really think that that information was enough for you to know everything about Hang gliding? Perhaps not, hence in this article we move further about Hang gliding and would like to give more information about it especially on the components used by the Hang gliders, so that they can remain safe and enjoy their ride to the maximum.

All about Hang Gliding Components

Two of the most important Hang gliding components are Hang glider sail cloth and the triangle control frame, without them one cant imagine to have a Hang glide in the first place, so let us know more about these two most important equipments of Hang gliding.

Hang Glider Sail cloth

There are two kinds of materials used for the hang glider sail cloth. These materials are Polyester and composite laminated fabric. There is third one as well which is made out of polyester film and polyester fibers. These materials are very light in weight along with that the hot pressed impregnation of a polyester resin makes the sail cloth, when fixed more balanced. This also provides the resistance to any stretch the fabric may face while having a glide in the air. The cloth is fixed in such a way that it gets the aerodynamic way as well. The only disadvantage these clothing have is that the less amount of elasticity.

Triangle Control Frame

Most of the hang gliders the triangle is the main thing which the pilot holds and it is better known as TCF or the triangle control frame. It is also known as control bar or base bar as well. This bar is often used and pulled which allows the glider to have a greater speed in the air. Either side of this frame is attached upright so it creates the shape of a triangle or A Frame. At the bottom end or rod ends there can even be addition wheels attached as well. The first time this triangle control frame was used n the 1990s as before that U shaped variant was used.


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