We have explained about the Major League Baseball here on Sportycious few days back. Now it is time to know which are the MLB players who have made a big chunk of money out of it. Professional players need to earn a lot from the game they play; no matter what sport they are playing the only reason is that their daily bread depends on it. Well, there are many professional players who earn more than what they require to buy a daily bread and as a matter of fact, nothing wrong in it either. So let us have a look on the highest earning baseball or MLB players ever in the history of the game. We have included all major Amrican sportsmen in this article just to show how much a professional player can earn by playing for years!

List of the Highest Paid American Sports Players Ever

Babe Ruth

Teams Played for: New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Boston Braves

Position: Right Fielder – Baseball

Highest Salary: US$ 80, 000 (1930)

Average Salary: US$ 7, 500

Salary Ratio: 10.66

Bobby Hull

Teams Played For: Chicago Black Hawks, Winnipeg Jets, Hartford Whalers, WHA, Winnipeg Jets

Position: Left wing (NHL)

Highest salary: US$ 270, 000 (1973)

Average player salary: US$ 25, 000

Salary Ratio: 10.8

Sergei Fedorov

Teams Played For: CSKA Moscow, Dinamo Minsk, Detroit Red Wings, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Columbus Blue Jacket, Washington Capitals, Metallurg Magnitogorsk

Position: Center (NHL)

Highest Salary: US$ 14 million (1999)

Average player salary: US$ 1.29

Salary Ratio: 10.85

Wayne Gretzky

Teams Played for: Indianapolis Racers, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues, New York Rangers

Position: Center (NHL)

Highest Salary: US$ 3 million

Average player salary: US$ 271, 000 (1991)

Salary Ratio: 11.07

Joe Montana

Teams Played for: San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs

Position: Quarterback (NFL)

Highest Salary: US$ 4, 000, 000 (1990)

Average Player Salary: US$ 356, 000

Salary Ratio: 11.23

Mario Lemieux

Teams Played For: Pittsburgh Penguins

Position: Center (NHL)

Highest Salary: US$ 11.32 Million (1997)

Average Player Salary: US$ 984, 000

Salary Ratio: 11.5

Ty Cobb

Teams Played For: Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Athletics

Position: Outfielder (MLB)

Highest Salary: US$ 85, 000 (1927)

Average Player Salary: US$ 6, 750

Salary Ratio: 12.59

Michael Jordan

Teams Played for: Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards

Highest Salary: US$ 33.14 Million (1998)

Average player salary: US$ 2.37 Million

Salary Ratio: 13.98

Joe Sakic

Teams Played for: Quebec Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche

Highest Salary: US$ 17 Million (1998)

Average player salary: US$ 1.17 million

Salary Ratio: 14.56

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