The Highest Paid Rugby Players of the World (Part – II)


Continued from the Part – I

Paid Rugby Players of the World

Here is the next set of five International Rugby Union players who are earning the most.

No. 5 – Thierry Dusautoir  

Thierry Dusautoir

Plays for Toulouse Club, France

Earns US$ 58, 700 per month

Thierry Dusautoir is a French Rugby Union player and plays for Toulouse Club. He has started his professional Rugby Union Career when he was just 16. But he wanted to be a Judo player before that. He is known for good speed and strength to break tackles. He is Toulouse’s highest earning player by earning US$ 58, 700 per month.

No. 4 – Morgan Parra  

Morgan Parra

Plays for Clermont Auvergne, France

Earns US$ 62, 800 per month

Another French International in the list. He made his debut for France at the age of 19 against Scotland during 2008 Six Nations Championship. Parra is famous for his vocal way to lead the pack and he is lovingly called as, Petit General in French. One of the most reliable kickers draws US$ 62, 800 per month makes him the highest paid player for the Clermont Auvergne.

No. 3 – Bryan Habana  

Bryan HabanaPlays for Toulon Club, France

Earns US$ 68, 200 per month

Brayan Habana plays for the South Africa Spring Bocks and was part of the 2007 IRB World Cup winning team of South Africa. He made his debut in 2003-04 Rugby World Sevens series. He was also named IRB Player of the Year in 2007. Currently receives US$ 68, 200.

No. 2 – Jonathan Sexton

Plays for Racing Metro Club, France

Earns US$ 71, 000 per month

The Irishman Jonathan Sexton plays for Racing Metro side and he has been on of the most intimidating figure on the Rugby ground. He has often being referred as a class act with hardly any weakness. With the monthly payment of US$ 71, 000 he becomes the second highest paid player for the Racing Metro.

No. 1 – Jonny Wilkinson

Plays for Toulon Club, France

Earns US$ 76, 400 per month

The only Englishman in our list and he is topping the list as well. He is referred as one of the best players of Rugby today. He was instrumental in the England’s march towards the 2007 IRB Rugby World Cup. He is not playing international rugby but plays for Toulon and still gets US$ 58, 700 per month.