All the Information about IRB World Rankings


Like any other sport the fans of Rugby would also like to evaluate different teams at regular time and they also want to know that which team is performing better than the rest of the lot so that it can be ranked at the top. Along with this fans from respective countries also want to know their country’s position in the world of Rugby.

The IRB World Rankings is the system which decides the men’s national teams’ current ranking and it is managed by the International Rugby Board or the IRB. As it happens in most of the rankings over here too, the member nation which has won most of their games and has longest successful run is ranked at the top. It is a point based system and depends on the results of the officially recognized IRB matches count for these rankings. The IRB World Rugby Rankings were introduced just after the 2003 World Cup of Rugby was finished. The first ever IRB World Rankings were issued on the 11th November, 2013.

All the Information about IRB World Rankings

As per the current calculation method of the IRB World Rankings, all the member countries are given a rating in the range of 0 to 100. Which ever team achieves the rating of about 90 points automatically becomes the top team of the world. The system used in these rankings is called the ‘Points Exchange’ system. This means that sides receive points from each other based upon the match results. Whatever point one side gains, the other side loses it. The exchanges are based on the result of a particular match along with ranking of each team, margin of victory, home advantage and many other factors are taken into account.

These rankings are responsive in the manner that a side can go from bottom to the top if its performance is improving and similarly a side can go from top to the bottom if it continues the bad show on the field. There are many other factors which also work in favor or against a team in these rankings, but that we will discuss in our next issue of the IRB World Rankings. From that you will get a better idea on how these rankings work.