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15 Interesting Facts About Gymnastics

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15 Interesting Facts About Gymnastics

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Gymnastics

  1. The word gymnastics has come from a Greek word ‘gymnazein’ which actually means, ‘exercise naked’.
  2. Greeks and Romans were the first ones to give importance to physical exercise by using gymnastics.
  3. Frederich Ludwig is often called the ‘Father of the Modern Gymnastics’. He founded and developed the side bars, horizontal bars, parallel bars and balance beam along with jumping events in gymnastics during the late 1700s. Because of his efforts gymnastics flourished in Germany in the 1800s.
  4. Guts Math of Sweden developed a more graceful form of the gymnastic in which he stressed for rhythmic and graceful body movements.
  5. In 1811 Frederich Ludwig Jahn opened a gymnastics school in Berlin and many European and English gymnastics clubs followed the suit.
  6. The immigrants from Europe, then introduced the game in the USA later in the 1880s.
  7. Dr. Dudley Allen, a Sergeant is credited for teaching gymnastics in many US universities during the Civil War and also for inventing more than 30 gymnastics related gadgets.
  8. The governing body for gymnastics, International Gymnastics Federation or FIG was formed in the year 1881 which was actually meant to regulate European gymnastics events but later was asked to regulate world gymnastics too.
  9. Five teams competed in the first ever gymnastics event in the Olympics of 1896. Germany won most of the medals.
  10. The first ever non Olympic gymnastic event was  held in Antwerp, Belgium in the year 1903 and is considered as the World Championships of Gymnastics.
  11. George Eyser of the USA won 6 medals in the 1904 Olympics and is considered as the most remarkable gymnast in history as he had won them with a wooden leg.
  12. Gymnastics events in the Olympics for women were included in the 1928 games.
  13. USSR’s Larissa Latynina is the most successful women gymnast in the history of the Olympics as she won 18 medals between 1956 and 1964.
  14. In the year 1976 Nadia Comaneci of Romania stunned the world by scoring 7 ‘perfect tens’. At that point of time Nadia was 14 years and 252 days old.
  15. In April 1994 Australia’s Brisbane city hosted the individual World Gymnastic Championships which created history as it was the first time that it was held outside Europe in 100 years!

    Hope you have looked at our various facts about Gymnastics. If we forgot any one of them, please feel free to add these facts. Last but not least, don’t miss checking major Gymnastics Competitions in the world.

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