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10 Most Interesting Facts About Rugby

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Rugby is a beastly game according to Henry Blaha although he also said that it has been played by gentlemen. Sometimes we want to know about facts about Rugby. Rugby is followed by millions in the world and we are here to provide you some of the interesting facts about rugby.

10 Most Interesting Facts About Rugby

List of Fun Facts About Rugby

  • Rugby was founded in 1823 at Rugby School, Warwickshire. There is a famous story that William Webb caught the soccer ball while playing it and ran towards opposition’s goal. Since then the game of Rugby has started to develop and finally in the year 1845 rules of the game were formatted.
  • The first ever game of Rugby was taken place between Scotland and England in which Scotland won.
  • Have you ever thought that why the Rugby ball has an oval shape and not round like other ‘ball games’ we play? Well the reason is that Rugby balls were first made of leather casings and with pig’s bladders and pig bladders are in an oval shape and since then the manufacturing system of Rugby balls have changed but the shape has remained the sameOval!
  • New Zealand’s All Blacks team is the only team in Rugby who performs ‘Haka’ before the start of every game. Haka is a Maori war dance performed by ethnic Maori groups across New Zealand.
  • New Zealand’s Rugby team is one of the best Rugby teams ever played the game of Rugby but the reigning Olympic champions in Rugby is the USA and not All Blacks! USA won an Olympic Gold Medal for Rugby in the year 1924 and since then the game of Rugby is not played in the Olympics.
  • Till now not a single Rugby team has been able to retain the Rugby World Cup.
  • Basketball is a bi-product of Rugby as one of the Rugby coach wanted an indoor activity to keep the players charged up after practice.
  • When the game of Rugby was introduced there were no points for ‘Tries’ but the term was used to try and kick the ball for the goal, which was later re-named conversion.
  • Rugby in South Africa was introduced by the British troops stationed in Cape Town.
  • The governing body of international Rugby is IRB (The International Rugby Board) which was established in 1886 and there are 97 members in the IRB.
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