Just like Kabaddi, Kho Kho too is a unique Indian sport. It certainly tests the agility of a human being and with that, it is fun too. Let us know more about this unique sport called Kho Kho Game!

Kho Kho a Unique Indian Sport

Unique Sport Kho Kho

Introduction to Kho Kho

Kho Kho is the game played by 11 players per side in which only 9 players are allowed to play in the field. The game is more popular in the Asian Sub Continent, especially in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Surprisingly Kho Kho is played in South Africa also.

The Kho Kho Ground

Kho Kho playground or pitch is rectangular and it is 29 meters long and 16 meters wide. There are two more rectangles at each end. One side of the rectangle is 16 meters and the other side is 2.75 meters. There are two wooden or iron poles fixed at both the ends of the field. The central lane which touches the poles is 23.5 meters long and 30 cm wide in which the players sit and play.

Types of Equipment of Kho Kho Game

The types of equipment required to play Kho Kho is mainly to draw a Kho Kho pitch and to draw a Kho Kho pitch or ground you will need…

  • Two poles (either wood or iron)
  • Metallic measuring tape
  • Strings
  • Lime powder
  • Stopwatches
  • Wire Nails
  • Two rings with the inner circumference of 30 cm and 40 cm
  • Stationery to record scores
  • A whistle for the referee

Rules of Kho Kho

  • Each team will have 12 players each but only 9 players can compete on the pitch.
  • A Kho Kho match comprises of two innings.
  • Each inning will have 9 minutes each in which chasing and running and turning are included.
  • All the players of one team sit or kneel in the middle of the court in a row and each player sitting next to each other will see on the opposite sides of each other or in other words, in Zig Zag manner.
  • The chasers will end in the shortest time possible.
  • The player chased by the chaser will touch the nearest possible player on his/her back and say ‘Kho’ to give him a chance to chase.
  • The team, which takes the shortest time to touch the player chased wins.

It may sound a bit confusing, but once you play it, the kho kho rules are really easy to understand. Kho Kho is very much part of the higher secondary schools curriculum in India.



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