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You probably will feel that just like Kabaddi or Kho Kho, Carrom is just another game played in the Indian Sub Continent but it is not like that. The game of carrom is spread all over South East Asia and there are some of the international championships too being played. So once you read this article, you will be able to answer most of the queries regarding carrom. 

What is Carrom?

carromCarrom is a board game which is somewhat similar to billiards or snookers but it is not played by balls and sticks. It is very much popular in most of the South East Asian countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. There are carrom cafes in these countries and they regularly organize carrom competitions.


In the year 1988, the International Carrom Federation or ICF was founded in the city of Chennai in India. The formal rules for the game were published in the same year. After formal rules were established the Indian Diaspora spread the game in Europe and in the US and in Canada also.

How is the game of Carrom played?

The carrom is played on plastic or (mostly) wooden carrom boards of different sizes. The objective is to push the light weight wooden discs which are called the ‘carrom men’ into the four different pockets on the four corners of the carrom board with the help of a striker, which is made of plastic. The carrom men are in three different colours, Black, White and Pink. Total 9 black and 9 white are fixed in such a way that it makes a circle in the middle of the board and in the very center the pink carrom man called the Queen is put. As per ICF approved measurement, the Carrom men should not be more than 3.18 and not less than 3.02 cm in diameter. The Queen can be won only if it is covered by another carrom man in consecutive shots. To make the carrom board surface smooth, a boric acid powder is often used in India.

There are different variants of the game. To know about the different variants click here.


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