Know the Major Benefits of Freediving in Detail


As we all know that Freediving is not only an adventure sport, but it is also has been recognized as a recreational activity too. So people do freediving to get relaxed and have freedom from their boring daily routines as well. With this experience they feel extremely relaxed and get refreshed as well.

Know the Major Benefits of Freediving in Detail

The best part of freediving is that it is totally different than Scuba Diving and hence the advantages are immense. In freediving the individual wears the less equipment, which helps him or her to increase the mobility and speed inside the water. With less equipments needed it also good for someone’s pocket as well. Apart from these benefits, the individual needs much shorter time to get prepared for a freediving event than for a scuba diving event. Probably the biggest benefit of all is that since this event is mostly carried in a swimming pool and being a recreational one as well, there is less or no chance of having decompression in the deep dives.  There will be less exhaled air bubbles in the deep diving, hence there is more chances to have greater visibility, which is more or less absent in scuba diving. With no equipment carried by the diver he or she will have no sound to distract him or her as it happens while scuba diving. No air tank refills are also needed, hence the enthusiast can spend as much time as he or she likes to in the deep waters which is unthinkable in scuba diving.

Freediving and Health

Even the doctors sometimes prescribe freeiving as it is a relaxing and recreational sport. freediving is also attached to human physiology as it includes the reflex oxygen conserving adaptations. freediving helps in a drop in heart rate, which means you have a reflex of bradycardia. It also releases the blood cells carrying oxygen while one is involved in freediving. Blood flow and its volume is redistributed towards the vital organs means the body will have a reflex vasoconstriction.

More importantly, freediving helps the body cooling and that too naturally, which helps the cooling of the peripheral tissue beds and the body demands lower oxygen. This helps in substantial brain cooling as well. So all in all we may say that Freediving may take you to the nirvana!!