Major International Rugby Events Explained


There are not less than 12 major international rugby events which are explained here. Apart from these 12 major rugby events played internationally, there are few other important rugby competitions as well. Let us have a look on them.

Major International Rugby Events Explained

Rugby World Cup

Top 12 rugby teams of the world participate in the biggest rugby tournament ever, every four years after going through a qualification process. The format of the tournament is round robin – qualifying rounds – semi finals and then Final. The New Zealand All Blacks are the current champions who have won this title twice along with Australian Willoughby and South African Springboks.

Women’s Rugby World Cup

Just like men’s rugby world cup, in women’s rugby world cup too 12 top teams participate which is played every four years with the same kind of format. The current champions of women’s rugby world cup are New Zealand who has won this title 4 times.

Six Nations Championship

Originally started in 1910 this tournament was played between, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and France and known as Five Nations Rugby, but in the year 2000, Italy was added to the fray and now a days it is called Six Nations Championship. This is an annual event.

Women’s Six Nations Championship

Just like men’s six nations, women’s six nations also exist and it is played every year between women’s rugby teams of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy. Ireland and Spain too made their brief appearances in the tournament, but currently only those nations mentioned are playing.

The Rugby Championship

Hosted by Argentina, this tournament is an annual event where two other nations like New Zealand, South Africa and Australia are invited to play.

Canada Cup

It’s a women’s tri nation which is played biannually between the host nation Canada with USA, New Zealand or England.

Churchill Cup

Different kind of a rugby tournament in which Canada, the United States play with England’s A side which is called England Saxtons. There are other three teams as well, which are invited by the organizers.

FIRA Women’s European Championship

An annual women’s rugby competition in which 16 European teams participate which varies every year. The teams are divided in A and B groups according to their previous performances. But whenever England and/or France participate they always get their positions in A group.

European Nations Cup

Apart from those rugby teams participate in the Six Nations Rugby remaining of 36 European rugby teams participate in this tournament in which there are sub-divisions, promotions and relegations involved.

Pacific Nations Cup

Some of the emerging rugby nations like Fiji, Japan, Samoa and Tonga participate in this tournament. Along with them New Zealand Maori and Australia A along with Canada and USA also participate to level up the competition.

Nations Cup

Just like Pacific Nations Cup some of the emerging nations from the rest of the world like Portugal, Romania and Russia takes part in this yearly tournament and has been supported by Argentina Jaguars (Argentina A), Emerging Springboks (South Africa A) and Italy A sides.

Asian 5 Nations

Top five Asian rugby countries participate in this annual tournament with promotion and relegation process.

Other Major Rugby Events of the Year

Four Nations Tournament, Pan-American Championship, South American Rugby Championship, Super Cup, Under 19 Rugby World Championship, Under 21 Rugby World Championship, IRB Junior World Championship, IRB Junior World Rugby Trophy, Autumn Internationals, Africa Cup, CAR Super 16 and Viking Tri-Nations Rugby.