Meet Some of the Famous Sports WAGs – Part V




Hello, this is the 5th part of this exclusive series of famous sports WAGs run by the Sportycious online sports magazine. Hope you have enjoyed the previous four parts as well. We got few more episodes left for this series so please do not miss them either. Till now we have seen about 16 beautiful and hot sports WAGs and we also came to know that how they have met some of the sporting heroes across the world and how they have influenced their lives. Some of them have also been part and reason of their troubles as well but most of them have been having a good and pleasant relationship till now. So let us know more about four more such sporty WAGs in this part as well.

Meet Some of the Famous Sports WAGs – Part V


Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Jamie-Lynn SiglerJust a year or so back when Jamie Lynn Sigler tweeted that, “So this just happened”. This tweet of hers was also attached with two hearts. In response the Washington National Organization ballplayer Cutter Dykstra also tweeted, “She said yes!!” This is how it all started but actually both Singler and Cutter were dating since March 2012. Both of them met through their common friends Nick Swisher and his wife and actress Joanna Garcia at their place. By the way Jamie-Lynn Sigler is a known actress from the HBO’s famous show ‘The Sopranos’ in which she is playing the daughter of Tony Soprano.

Chantel Jeffries

Chantel JeffriesThe Washington Redskins player DeSean Jackson is having a fantastic life it seems. He and his young girlfriend, Chantel Jaffries who also happens to be a model are in deep love it seems. More often than not, they appear to gather on Instagram with their close pics. The most famous picture of them till date was that Chantel making breakfast till now. These two were dating since January 2012 and they have been mentioning each other for several times in the social media for past many months now. Although Chantel poses herself as a student only but she has also posted her photos which were used by Playboy hence DeSean Jackson has got a big fish to say the least.

Nikki Sapp

Nikki SappThe new girlfriend of Erik Spoelstra the Miami Heat player is Nikki Sapp. One would definitely admire Erik Spoelstra for being so attached with Miami Heat that he chose its former cheerleader Nikki Sapp as his girlfriend!! WoW! One more jaw dropping fact about this pair is that Erik Spoelstra is 42 years old and Nikki Sapp is just 24 years old! Although Nikki Sapp is a director now at the Guy Hepner Art Gallery in the West Hollywood and spends her time between Miami and Los Angeles. Before the relationships came into the limelight both of them were already dating for two years and hence we can say that they did well to keep the things going smoothly and secretly.

Anne Vyalitsyana

Anne VyalitsyanaThe New York Mets pitcher, Matt Harvey had a fantastic 2013 not only on the field but also off the field as well. As per one the news weekly in USA, Harvey has been dating with the Illustrated swimsuit model Anne Vyalitsyana who is just two years older to Matt Harvey. Both of them met at a New York Rangers game few months back and after their first meet Harvey even tweeted about it. Quite often the couple is found having dinner to gather at some of the most famous restaurants in the New York City. They even seen attending some of the other baseball games in which the New York Mets are not part of. As per the insiders and close ones, the couple wants to be a slow relations and they are not at all in any hurry to go one more step further in their relationship.


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