Meet Some of the Famous Sports WAGs – Part VI


Famous Sports WAGs

Welcome to the sixth part of our series on Famous Sports WAGs. If you have followed our series till now you would know of the fact that this series is not to sensationalize any affair or private life of famous sportsmen, but it is to give importance to the ladies who are behind the success of those players involved in this series. We have kept the high level of information in this article series and has kept the petty gossips away. Two more parts of the series is still to come and we promise our readers that the quality of the series will be maintained till the end of it.

Kacie McDonnell

Kacie McDonnellWe all know that Aaron Murray is one of the better quarterbacks in the entire NFL, but whether he is that good in finding a suitable girlfriend for himself or not is another question. It has been revealed that Aaron Murray is dating a girl named Kacie McDonnell.Kacie McDonnell is a traffic reporter for FOX 29 in Philadelphia and that probably is the reason that she has found the long distance relationship with Aaron Murray. Kacie McDonnell was previously dating with Christian Ponder by the way.

Brittney McNorton

Brittney McNortonCalvin Johnson NFL player of the Detroit Lions, was having something controversial with his previous relationships with Shallyn Blaton as he was alleged by the latter of bringing his new girlfriend Brittney McNorton and thus a violation of the shared custody agreement was happened. Brittney McNorton is working with the Detroit Lions and she is the Manager of Partnership Activation!! Seriously, that is the position she is having in the team and probably that is the reason she got good activation of partnership with Calvin Johnson?? Right? Whatever but currently they are living happily with each other.

Lauren Cosgrove

Lauren CosgroveThe St. Louis Blues forward TJ Oshie is one of the most beloved athletes of the USA. After his winning performance against Russia, suddenly he became the talk of the Twitter and got the attention of plenty of ladies around but sadly Oshie found a girlfriend in Lauren Cosgrove. Lauren Cosgrove is believed to be the force behind the sudden and big success TJ Oshie is enjoying currently both on and off the field. Both of them are found around many social media stages like Twitter and Instagram. We can hope the couple keeps on enjoying the fun.

Amber Nichole Miller

Amber Nichole Miller

Jacob Christopher ‘Tito’ Ortiz is known American mixed martial artist and the fighter who fights for the Bellator MMA in the MMA World has found a new girlfriend in model, Amber Nichole Miller. Amber Nichole Miller herself has a wrestling background as she was part of the UFC ring and worked for the UFC 40. Both of them have been dating since last couple of years now and they are always ready to take pictures of themselves and later sharing them on the social media. Tito Ortiz already has two kids from his relationship with Jenna Jameson in past but it seems Amber Nichole Miller have accepted him along with the kids.