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Merseyside Derby: Results, History and Head-to-Head Statistics

The Merseyside Derby is the longest-running top-flight derby in England. The derby is played between two major English clubs from Liverpool, Everton, and Liverpool. The Merseyside derby has been played since the 1962-63 season. The part of the rivalry is because the home grounds are within the site of each other across Stanley Park.

In the initial stages, the Merseyside derby was known as the “Friendly Derby” due to a large number of families being supporters of both Liverpool and Everton. The 1984 Football League Cup finals at Wembley witnessed all the sections of the ground got mixed and chanted “Merseyside, Merseyside” and “Are you watching Manchester?”. Since the mid-1980s, the rivalry has intensified, and since the inception of the premier league, the derby has seen more red cards than any other game.

The Merseyside Derby Head-to-Head

The Merseyside derby head-to-head stats will cover all the details that need to be covered like Liverpool and Everton wins and losses, records held by each team, all-time top goal scorers in the derby, and many more.

Liverpool vs Everton Wins & Losses

The following stats are as of January 5, 2020

CompetitionPlayedLiverpoolDrawEvertonLiverpool goalsEverton goals
Football League Division One146544448203181
Premier League55242297748
FA Cup2512674028
Football League Cup421121
FA Community Shield311122
Football League Super Cup220072

Merseyside Derby Records

  1. Liverpool holds the longest unbeaten derby game run which is 21 matches (2011 to present)
  2. Since 2000 and continuing, Liverpool holds the longest unbeaten derby game run in home matches which is 22 games (including two cup games).
  3. Everton holds the longest unbeaten derby game run in away matches with a total of 16 matches between 1899 and 1920 at Anfield, which also includes ten victories.
  4. The longest unbroken consecutive away winning run belongs to Everton who has seven victories under their name in the span of 1908-09 and 1914-15.
  5. The fixture has seen many send-offs and holds a record of 21 red cards in the Premier League, the highest for any fixture.
  6. Liverpool’s captain Steven Gerrard along with Everton’s captain Phil Neville has been sent-off twice in the derby games.
  7. In the 1935–36 season, Liverpool recorded the highest-scoring home victory 6–0 in a league match at Anfield.
  8. Both Everton and Liverpool hold the record of scoring the highest-scoring 5–0 away victory in a league match at Anfield in 1914-15 and at Goodison Park in the 1982-83 season.
  9. The highest-scoring match was in 1932–33 when Liverpool won 7–4 at Anfield
  10. William C. Cuff of Everton holds the record for the most wins as a manager with 16 wins over Liverpool from 1901 to 1918.
  11. Tom Watson of Liverpool’s manager from 1896 to 1915 holds the record for the most losses with 21 defeats.
  12. Record Attendance: 78,599 at Goodison Park (Everton’s Football Stadium), September 18, 1948
  13. Lowest Attendance: 18,000 at Anfield, January 19, 1901

All-Time Top Scorers:

No.PlayerClub(s)LeagueFA CupLeague CupCharity ShieldScreen SportTotal
1Ian RushLiverpool13511525
2Dixie DeanEverton18119
3Alex “Sandy” YoungEverton9312
4Steven GerrardLiverpool9110
5Harry ChambersLiverpool88
6Jimmy SettleEverton88
7Jack ParkinsonLiverpool628
8Peter BeardsleyLiverpool / Everton4/12/07
9Graeme SharpEverton4217
10Jack BalmerLiverpool66
11Robbie FowlerLiverpool66
12Bobby ParkerEverton66
13Gordon HodgsonLiverpool516
14Tim CahillEverton55
15Kenny DalglishLiverpool55
16Fred HoweLiverpool55
17Jack TaylorEverton55
18Dirk KuytLiverpool55
19Divock OrigiLiverpool55
20Luis SuárezLiverpool415
21Roger HuntLiverpool415
22Duncan FergusonEverton44
23Tommy LawtonEverton44
24Michael OwenLiverpool44
25Sam RaybouldLiverpool44
26Roy VernonEverton44
27Daniel SturridgeLiverpool44
28Sadio ManeLiverpool33
29Matthew PenningtonEverton11
30Gylfi SigurðssonEverton11
31Michael KeaneEverton11

Most Hat-tricks:

1Dixie DeanEverton2
2Alex “Sandy” YoungEverton1
3Bobby ParkerEverton1
4Henry ChambersLiverpool1
5Dick ForshawLiverpool1
6Harold BartonLiverpool1
7Fred HoweLiverpool1
8Ian RushLiverpool1
9Steven GerrardLiverpool1

All time Appearances

1Neville SouthallEverton41Goalkeeper
2Ian RushLiverpool36Striker
3Bruce GrobbelaarLiverpool34Goalkeeper
4Alan HansenLiverpool33Defender
5Kevin RatcliffeEverton32Defender

Most Clean Sheets

No.PlayerClubClean SheetsGames
1Ray ClemenceLiverpool1527
2Neville SouthallEverton1541
3Bruce GrobbelaarLiverpool1033
4Gordon WestEverton920
5Tommy LawrenceLiverpool816
6Pepe ReinaLiverpool817
7Cyril SidlowLiverpool610
8Billy ScottEverton615
9Ted SagarEverton620
10Tim HowardEverton518
11Elisha ScottLiverpool520
12Simon MignoletLiverpool48
13Dai DaviesEverton35

Doing the Double in a Season


No.SeasonAnfield ScoreGoodison Score


No.SeasonAnfield ScoreGoodison Score

All Merseyside Derby Results Till Date

This contains the full list of the results of the Merseyside Derby till date

First Division Results

128-Dec-9191–92 First DivisionGoodison Park1–1
231-Aug-9191–92 First DivisionAnfield3–1
309-Feb-9190–91 First DivisionAnfield3–1
422-Sep-9090–91 First DivisionGoodison Park2–3
503-Feb-9089–90 First DivisionAnfield2–1
623-Sep-8989–90 First DivisionGoodison Park1–3
703-May-8988–89 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
811-Dec-8888–89 First DivisionAnfield1–1
920-Mar-8887–88 First DivisionGoodison Park1–0
1001-Nov-8787–88 First DivisionAnfield2–0
1125-Apr-8786–87 First DivisionAnfield3–1
1223-Nov-8686–87 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
1322-Feb-8685–86 First DivisionAnfield0–2
1421-Sep-8585–86 First DivisionGoodison Park2–3
1523-May-8584–85 First DivisionGoodison Park1–0
1620-Oct-8484–85 First DivisionAnfield0–1
1703-Mar-8483–84 First DivisionGoodison Park1–1
1806-Nov-8383–84 First DivisionAnfield3–0
1919-Mar-8382–83 First DivisionAnfield0–0
2006-Nov-8282–83 First DivisionGoodison Park0–5
2127-Mar-8281–82 First DivisionGoodison Park1–3
2207-Nov-8181–82 First DivisionAnfield3–1
2321-Mar-8180–81 First DivisionAnfield1–0
2418-Oct-8080–81 First DivisionGoodison Park2–2
2501-Mar-8079–80 First DivisionGoodison Park1–2
2620-Oct-7979–80 First DivisionAnfield2–2
2713-Mar-7978–79 First DivisionAnfield1–1
2828-Oct-7878–79 First DivisionGoodison Park1–0
2905-Apr-7877–78 First DivisionGoodison Park0–1
3022-Oct-7777–78 First DivisionAnfield0–0
3122-Mar-7776–77 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
3216-Oct-7676–77 First DivisionAnfield3–1
3303-Apr-7675–76 First DivisionAnfield1–0
3427-Sep-7575–76 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
3522-Feb-7574–75 First DivisionAnfield0–0
3616-Nov-7474–75 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
3720-Apr-7473–74 First DivisionAnfield0–0
3808-Dec-7373–74 First DivisionGoodison Park0–1
3903-Mar-7372–73 First DivisionGoodison Park0–2
4007-Oct-7272–73 First DivisionAnfield1–0
4104-Mar-7271–72 First DivisionAnfield4–0
4213-Nov-7171–72 First DivisionGoodison Park1–0
4320-Feb-7170–71 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
4421-Nov-7070–71 First DivisionAnfield3–2
4521-Mar-7069–70 First DivisionAnfield0–2
4606-Dec-6969–70 First DivisionGoodison Park0–3
4708-Oct-6868–69 First DivisionAnfield1–1
4827-Aug-6868–69 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
4903-Feb-6867–68 First DivisionGoodison Park1–0
5023-Sep-6767–68 First DivisionAnfield1–0
5131-Dec-6666–67 First DivisionAnfield0–0
5227-Aug-6666–67 First DivisionGoodison Park3–1
5319-Mar-6665–66 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
5425-Sep-6565–66 First DivisionAnfield5–0
5512-Apr-6564–65 First DivisionGoodison Park2–1
5619-Sep-6464–65 First DivisionAnfield0–4
5708-Feb-6463–64 First DivisionGoodison Park3–1
5828-Sep-6363–64 First DivisionAnfield2–1
5908-Apr-6362–63 First DivisionAnfield0–0
6022-Sep-6262–63 First DivisionGoodison Park2–2
6120-Jan-5150–51 First DivisionAnfield0–2
6216-Sep-5050–51 First DivisionGoodison Park1–3
6324-Dec-4949–50 First DivisionAnfield3–1
6427-Aug-4949–50 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
6505-Feb-4948–49 First DivisionAnfield0–0
6618-Sep-4848–49 First DivisionGoodison Park1–1
6721-Apr-4847–48 First DivisionAnfield4-0
6827-Sep-4747–48 First DivisionGoodison Park0-3
6929-Jan-4746–47 First DivisionGoodison Park1–0
7021-Sep-4646–47 First DivisionAnfield0–0
7104-Feb-3938–39 First DivisionAnfield0–3
7201-Oct-3838–39 First DivisionGoodison Park2–1
7316-Feb-3837–38 First DivisionGoodison Park1–3
7402-Oct-3737–38 First DivisionAnfield1–2
7523-Jan-3736–37 First DivisionAnfield3–1
7619-Sep-3636–37 First DivisionGoodison Park2–0
7704-Jan-3635–36 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
7807-Sep-3535–36 First DivisionAnfield6–0
7920-Mar-3534–35 First DivisionAnfield2–1
8015-Sep-3434–35 First DivisionGoodison Park1–0
8110-Feb-3433–34 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
8230-Sep-3333–34 First DivisionAnfield3–2
8311-Feb-3332–33 First DivisionAnfield7–4
8430-Oct-3232–33 First DivisionGoodison Park1–3
8530-Jan-3231–32 First DivisionGoodison Park2–1
8619-Sep-3131–32 First DivisionAnfield1–3
8704-Jan-3029–30 First DivisionGoodison Park3–3
8807-Sep-2929–30 First DivisionAnfield0–3
8909-Feb-2928–29 First DivisionAnfield1–2
9029-Sep-2828–29 First DivisionGoodison Park1–0
9125-Feb-2827–28 First DivisionAnfield3–3
9215-Oct-2727–28 First DivisionGoodison Park1–1
9312-Feb-2726–27 First DivisionAnfield1–0
9425-Sep-2626–27 First DivisionGoodison Park1–0
9506-Feb-2625–26 First DivisionGoodison Park3–3
9626-Sep-2525–26 First DivisionAnfield5–1
9707-Feb-2524–25 First DivisionAnfield3–1
9824-Oct-2424–25 First DivisionGoodison Park0–1
9913-Oct-2323–24 First DivisionAnfield1–2
10006-Oct-2323–24 First DivisionGoodison Park1–0
10114-Oct-2222–23 First DivisionGoodison Park0–1
10207-Oct-2222–23 First DivisionAnfield5–1
10312-Nov-2121–22 First DivisionAnfield1–1
10405-Nov-2121–22 First DivisionGoodison Park1–1
10530-Oct-2020–21 First DivisionGoodison Park0–3
10623-Oct-2020–21 First DivisionAnfield1–0
10727-Dec-1919–20 First DivisionGoodison Park1–3
10820-Dec-1919–20 First DivisionAnfield0–0
10906-Feb-1514–15 First DivisionGoodison Park1–3
11003-Oct-1414–15 First DivisionAnfield0–5
11117-Jan-1413–14 First DivisionAnfield1–2
11220-Sep-1313–14 First DivisionGoodison Park1–2
11308-Feb-1312–13 First DivisionGoodison Park0–2
11405-Oct-1212–13 First DivisionAnfield0–2
11520-Jan-1211–12 First DivisionAnfield1–3
11616-Sep-1111–12 First DivisionGoodison Park2–1
11727-Dec-1010–11 First DivisionGoodison Park0–1
11801-Oct-1010–11 First DivisionAnfield0–2
11912-Feb-1009–10 First DivisionAnfield0–1
12002-Oct-0909–10 First DivisionGoodison Park2–3
12109-Apr-0908–09 First DivisionGoodison Park5–0
12203-Oct-0808–09 First DivisionAnfield0–1
12317-Apr-0807–08 First DivisionAnfield0–0
12405-Oct-0707–08 First DivisionGoodison Park2–4
12529-Mar-0706–07 First DivisionGoodison Park0–0
12629-Sep-0606–07 First DivisionAnfield1–2
12713-Apr-0605–06 First DivisionAnfield1–1
12830-Sep-0505–06 First DivisionGoodison Park4–2
12901-Apr-0403–04 First DivisionGoodison Park5–2
13010-Oct-0303–04 First DivisionAnfield2–2
13110-Apr-0302–03 First DivisionAnfield0–0
13227-Sep-0202–03 First DivisionGoodison Park3–1
13311-Jan-0201–02 First DivisionGoodison Park4–0
13414-Sep-0101–02 First DivisionAnfield2–2
13519-Jan-0100–01 First DivisionAnfield1–2
13622-Sep-0000–01 First DivisionGoodison Park1–1
13720-Jan-0099–00 First DivisionGoodison Park3–1
13823 September 189999–00 First DivisionAnfield1–2
13921 January 189998–99 First DivisionAnfield2–0
14024 September 189898–99 First DivisionGoodison Park1–2
14116 October 189797–98 First DivisionGoodison Park3–0
14225 September 189797–98 First DivisionAnfield3–1
14321 November 189696–97 First DivisionAnfield0–0
1443 October 189696–97 First DivisionGoodison Park2–1
14517 November 189494–95 First DivisionAnfield2–2
14613 October 189494–95 First DivisionGoodison Park3–0

Mereyside Derby FA Cup Results

15-Jan-2019–20 FA Cup Rnd 3Anfield1–0
25-Jan-1817–18 FA Cup Rnd 3Anfield2–1
314-Apr-1211–12 FA Cup Semi-finalWembley2–1
44-Feb-0908–09 FA Cup Rnd 4 Rep.Goodison Park1–0 (aet)
525-Jan-0908–09 FA Cup Rnd 4Anfield1–1
627-Feb-9190–91 FA Cup Rnd 5 R. 2Goodison Park1–0
720-February-9190–91 FA Cup Rnd 5 Rep.Goodison Park4–4 (aet)
817-Feb-9190–91 FA Cup Rnd 5Anfield0–0
920-May-8988–89 FA Cup FinalWembley3–2 (aet)
1021-Feb-8887–88 FA Cup Rnd 5Goodison Park0–1
1110-May-8685–86 FA Cup FinalWembley3–1
1224-Jan-8180–81 FA Cup Rnd 4Goodison Park2–1
1327-Apr-7776–77 FA Cup Semi-final R.Maine Road3–0
1423-Apr-7776–77 FA Cup Semi-finalMaine Road2–2
1527-March-7170–71 FA Cup Semi-finalOld Trafford2–1
1611-Mar-6766–67 FA Cup Rnd 5Goodison Park1–0
1729-Jan-5554–55 FA Cup Rnd 4Goodison Park0–4
1825-Mar-5049–50 FA Cup Semi-finalMaine Road2–0
199-Jan-3231–32 FA Cup Rnd 3Goodison Park1–2
2004-Feb-1110–11 FA Cup Rnd 2Goodison Park2–1
2131-Mar-0605–06 FA Cup Semi-finalVilla Park2–0
2208-Feb-0504–05 FA Cup Rnd 1 Rep.Goodison Park2–1
234-Feb-0504–05 FA Cup Rnd 1Anfield1–1
2430-Jan-0201–02 FA Cup Rnd 1 Rep.Goodison Park0–2
2525-Jan-0201–02 FA Cup Rnd 1Anfield2–2

FA Charity Shield

116-Aug-861986 FA Charity ShieldWembley1–1
218-Aug-841984 FA Charity ShieldWembley1–0
313-Aug-661966 FA Charity ShieldGoodison Park0–1

Super Cup Results

130-Sep-86Super Cup Final 2nd legGoodison Park1–4
216-Sep-86Super Cup Final 1st legAnfield3–1

League Cup Results

128-Oct-8787–88 League Cup Rnd 3Anfield0–1
221-Jan-8786–87 League Cup Rnd 5Goodison Park0–1
328-Mar-8483–84 League Cup Final R.Maine Road1–0
425-Mar-8483–84 League Cup FinalWembley0–0

Merseyside Derby: Premier League Results

120 February 202120–21 Premier LeagueAnfield0–2
217 October 202020–21 Premier LeagueGoodison Park2–2
321 June 202019–20 Premier LeagueGoodison Park0–0
44 December 201919–20 Premier LeagueAnfield5–2
53 March 201918–19 Premier LeagueGoodison Park0–0
62 December 201818–19 Premier LeagueAnfield1–0
77 April 201817–18 Premier LeagueGoodison Park0–0
810 December 201717–18 Premier LeagueAnfield1–1
91 April 201716–17 Premier LeagueAnfield3–1
1019 December 201616–17 Premier LeagueGoodison Park0–1
1120 April 201615–16 Premier LeagueAnfield4–0
124 October 201515–16 Premier LeagueGoodison Park1–1
137 February 201514–15 Premier LeagueGoodison Park0–0
1427 September 201414–15 Premier LeagueAnfield1–1
1528 January 201413–14 Premier LeagueAnfield4–0
1623 November 201313–14 Premier LeagueGoodison Park3–3
175 May 201312–13 Premier LeagueAnfield0–0
1828 October 201212–13 Premier LeagueGoodison Park2–2
1913 March 201211–12 Premier LeagueAnfield3–0
201 October 201111–12 Premier LeagueGoodison Park0–2
2116 January 201110–11 Premier LeagueAnfield2–2
2217 October 201010–11 Premier LeagueGoodison Park2–0
236 February 201009–10 Premier LeagueAnfield1–0
2429 November 200909–10 Premier LeagueGoodison Park0–2
2519 January 200908–09 Premier LeagueAnfield1–1
2627 September 200808–09 Premier LeagueGoodison Park0–2
2730 March 200807–08 Premier LeagueAnfield1–0
2820 October 200707–08 Premier LeagueGoodison Park1–2
293 February 200706–07 Premier LeagueAnfield0–0
309 September 200606–07 Premier LeagueGoodison Park3–0
3125 March 200605–06 Premier LeagueAnfield3–1
3228 December 200505–06 Premier LeagueGoodison Park1–3
3320 March 200504–05 Premier LeagueAnfield2–1
3411 December 200404–05 Premier LeagueGoodison Park1–0
3531 January 200403–04 Premier LeagueAnfield0–0
3630 August 200303–04 Premier LeagueGoodison Park0–3
3719 April 200302–03 Premier LeagueGoodison Park1–2
3822 December 200202–03 Premier LeagueAnfield0–0
3923 February 200201–02 Premier LeagueAnfield1–1
4015 September 200101–02 Premier LeagueGoodison Park1–3
4116 April 200100–01 Premier LeagueGoodison Park2–3
4229 October 200000–01 Premier LeagueAnfield3–1
4321 April 200099–00 Premier LeagueGoodison Park0–0
4427 September 199999–00 Premier LeagueAnfield0–1
453 April 199998–99 Premier LeagueAnfield3–2
4617 October 199898–99 Premier LeagueGoodison Park0–0
4723 February 199897–98 Premier LeagueAnfield1–1
4818 October 199797–98 Premier LeagueGoodison Park2–0
4916 April 199796–97 Premier LeagueGoodison Park1–1
5020 November 199696–97 Premier LeagueAnfield1–1
5116 April 199695–96 Premier LeagueGoodison Park1–1
5218 November 199595–96 Premier LeagueAnfield1–2
5324 January 199594–95 Premier LeagueAnfield0–0
5421 November 199494–95 Premier LeagueGoodison Park2–0
5514 March 199493–94 Premier LeagueAnfield2–1
5618 September 199393–94 Premier LeagueGoodison Park2–0
5720 March 199392–93 Premier LeagueAnfield1–0
587 December 199292–93 Premier LeagueGoodison Park2–1


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