The Moto Adventure Sport – Motocross


One of the branches of adventure sports is usage of moto equipments, such as specially designed bikes and cars. Motocross is one such adventure sport which is highly popular in the United Kingdom. The specialty of this sport is that it can be played in any weather condition. Let us know more about Motocross in detail.

The Moto Adventure Sport – Motocross

History of Motocross

In 1906 the first ever trial of Motocross was happened in the Auto-Cycle Club’s quarterly club and in 1909 another trial was taken during the Scottish Days Trial and thus Motocross became the oldest motorcycle event in the United Kingdom. Originally the motocross was known as scrambles racing and the first ever known race took place in the Camberley in Surrey. In 1952 the FIM the world’s only motorcycling administrative body created an individual European Championship using a 500 cc engine displacement formula. Years have passed by and technology has increased and the game has changed its face amazingly.

Major Motocross Competitions

There are many motocross competitions are organized in the world but there are four major motocross competitions in the world which are notable. The first such major motocross competition is the FIM Motocross World Championship. It is largely held in the European continent but also has occasional events in the North America, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia as well. This competition organizes two races which has 30 minutes duration and they are called motos. Two extra laps are also allowed.

The AMA Motocross Championship is held in the United States during the months of May till September. It has twelve rounds at twelve major tracks across the United States and also organizes a separate Women’s class also.  France has its own Motocross Championship called Motocross des Nations which is held at the very end of the motocross season. But the championship is held at a different places like United States and Belgium along with Great Britain.

British Motocross Championship is the fourth major motocross championship of the world. Apart from the regular classes of motocross like MX1 and MX2 there is an additional Youth Class which was included in 2007. In 2009 veterans class was also round which lasts for three rounds and six races.
All in all motocross is one of the most popular motosports in the world. This is not enough there are different sports also which have been derived from the motorcross.