All about PGA Tour Australasia


The PGA Tour of Australasia is a professional golf tour for men who are living in Australia-New Zealand, Pacific and in Asia. In this article you will know most of the details about the PGA Tour Australasia.

All about PGA Tour Australasia

Formerly known as PGA Tour of Australia the PGA Tour of Australia was established in 1991. The points earned by playing in this tour are added to the World Golf Ranking points as well; hence the professional golfers across the Australian and Asian continent take part in the tour in good numbers. Because of the better structure and history the Australian professional golfers rule the tour and the tournaments played under its banner. Because most of the professional golfers are attracted to play in the US PGA Tour and European Tour more because of their structure and chance to earn more points for the World Rankings, the Australasia Tour works as a feeder to these two major tours by arranging tournaments in the winter when those two tours having an off season.

Kei Nagle of Australia has won 61 titles in the PGA Tour Australasia which is the most number of titles won by any professional golfer in this tour. Seven Network and Fox Sports of Australia and Sky Sports and TV3 of New Zealand are the official Television Partners of the PGA Tour Australasia. is the official website of the tour.

The OneAsia Tour

The PGA Australasia Tour took help from the China, Japan and Korean golf association and established a new OneAsia Tour in 2009 with series of golfing events across the Asia-Pacific region. Started with six tournaments in its first year now with the addition of Japan the number of golfing tournaments in the PGA Australasia Tour sponsored the OneAsia tour has thirteen tournaments in all. The OneAsia tour, although has received strong opposition from the Asian Tour and its members. There are many disputes arisen since the start of the OneAsia tour and despite many discussions and parleys the situation is still remains the same.

The main tournament for the PGA Australasia Tour is the Johnnie Walker Classic which is held in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and in India very often. The Australian Open and the Australian PGA Championship is also part of the PGA Australasian Tour. Robert Allenby is the only golfer who has achieved the Australian Triple Crown feat by winning the Australian Open, The Australian Masters and the Australian PGA Championship in 2005 which is part of the PGA Australasia Tour.