Places Where Freestyle Scootering is played


In our previous article we understood that what exactly the Freestyle Scootering is all about. As we have discussed that it is mainly a youth game and it doesn’t have a long history either. This only means that the places or the surfaces on which the Freestyle Scootering take place must also be the modern and where the youths generally get to gather. So let us know now about the places, the surfaces or the terrain on which the Freestyle Scootering an adventure sport is played.

Places Where Freestyle Scootering is played

It is not that you can play Freestyle Scooter the way you want to just because  you own a scooter. There are total four types of surfaces on which a normal Freestyle Scootering takes place. These places are Park, Flatland, Street and Dirt. Let us know each of these surfaces in detail.

Park: Most of the parks in the USA have a skate surface and because of their assembly kick scooters are perfect to use and enjoy on these surfaces. Many riders enjoy their ‘flyout’ here so that they can learn some new tricks on freestyle scootering. Quarters, flyboxes, spines, rails stairssets, ledges, A- Fames, banks, eurogaps, hubbas are some of the famous park style scootering.

Street: The things in your street can be very handy to show your freestyle scootering skills as well. Things such as stairs, ledges, handrails, gaps, speedbumps and hubbas are the constructions on which many freestyle scootering masters have grown up with. Chema Cardenas, Issac Miller, Zig Short, Erik Feenstra, Jordan Jasa, and Matt McKeen are some of the famous names in this category.

Flatland: The freestyle scootering which takes place on the flat surfaces like parking lots, or tennis or basketball courts or driveways etc are called flatlands. Over here the players perform combos, in other words combinations of skills such as tailwhips, manuals, barspins, hang fives, scooter fakies, fakies and sliders.

Dirt: If you are aware about the BMX bikes then you must be aware of dirt used by the performers. As the freestyle scootering also getting popular around many performers are trying to use the dirt surfaces and many manufacturers are also remolding their scooters which are well equipped with the frequent usage of dirt by the freestyle scootering players.

So these are the different surfaces of freestyle scootering. It is nothing but an enjoyment and recreation for the youth where they can show some of their skills and likes for the adventure sport.


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