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19 Real And Interesting Facts About WWE

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Here are some of the real and interesting facts about WWE.

Some Real & Interesting Facts About WWE:

19 Real And Interesting Facts About WWE

  1. The legendary WWE wrestler ‘The Undertaker’ was a basketball player and he played it for two years in Texas and then was transferred to Texas – Wesleyan University. There he came to know about professional wrestling and became one of the biggest wrestlers WWE has ever seen!
  2. ‘Jake The Snake Roberts’ never won a single belt in his entire WWE career.
  3. One of the owners of the WWE, Vince McMahan was the best man of Shane’s wedding.
  4. Rock, Chavo Guerrero, and Randy Orton are WWE’s 3rd Generation Superstars.
  5. ‘The Honky Tonk Man’ and ‘Jerry Lawler’ are real cousins.
  6. King Booker, Chris Benoit, and Bret Hart are the only triple crown champions in the WCW and in WWE.
  7. WrestleMania I is the only WrestleMania, which is not a featured WWE Championship match.
  8. Hulk Hogan Vs King Kong Bundy is the only cage match in the history of WrestleMania.
  9. The title of the World Tag Team has changed the most number of hands than any other WWE title in its history.
  10. The first-ever televised match of Molly Holly was the first WWE title match also in 1998 where she wrestled under the name of Starla Saxton.
  11. Shawn Michaels is the only wrestler in the history of the WWE who has forfeited the most number of titles.
  12. Vader was the first wrestler who featured on the cover page of the first ever WWE magazine.
  13. Owen Hart has won 3 WWE team tag championships with three different partners.
  14. Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Jericho, Christian and Rob Van Dam are the only WWE wrestlers who have won five separate titles.
  15. Rene Dupree is the youngest WWE Champion in any category. He won the World Tag Team Championship when he was 19.
  16. The background music, which was used for the Undertaker Vs Flair game at WrestleMania-X8 is now used for the Rene Dupree’s signature tune.
  17. Number #27 has been the luckiest number as it has won more Rumble matches than any other number till now.
  18. While playing a match against the Big John stud, Andre the Giant once fell asleep!
  19. The record of the longest spent time in the ring is held by Rey Mysterio.
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