Sim Bhullar to be the First Indian Origin NBA Player?


An Indian origin family, living in Brampton, Toronto in the Canada is eagerly awaiting the National Basketball Association (NBA) drafts to be started. The reason why the ‘Bhullars’ are so eager is that their 21 year old son Gursimran ‘Sim’ Bhullar would make it to the recruitment and he could be the first ever Indian origin person who would be drafted in to the NBA.

As the reports are coming in, only 60 players are to be drafted by the NBA this season and Bhullar’s chances are really standing ‘tall’ for many reasons. The premier reason for him to hope strongly for an NBA birth is his height,  which is 7 ft 5 in. If drafted Bhullar could be the tallest NBA player. Bhullar always gets attention because of his height. He told an Indian newspaper that he felt that this is the perfect time for him to declare himself for the NBA drafting as he is ready to achieve his goals and dreams he has carried all along with him.

‘Sim’ Bhullar is just 21 years old having weight of 163 kgs with the height as mentioned above is currently playing for his college team The Aggies in New Mexico. He has been playing as a center in his team, which is the most important position in the basketball, especially with the size Sim Bhullar carries. He has been awarded as one of the most outstanding player, twice in the Western Athletic Conference. Sim’s coach, Paul Weir too is all praise about him and he said that he has a tremendous ability as a defensive player and unlike lot of other players with same ‘stature’ Sim is better coordinated.

On the other hand Sim wants to be the role model for every Indian origin person living in the North Americas. He credits his family for all the success he has got till now. His father Avtar moved from Kapurthala to Brampton in 1998 and is operating a petrol pump is the main reason for Sim to reach this ‘height’. Mr. Avtarsingh has always encouraged Sim to make a career in basketball.

The only Canadian basketball team which participates in the NBA, Toronto Raptors, too, has an eye on Sim, their director of scouting; Dan Tolzman is of the opinion that with this size Sim has all the potential to be in the NBA.