Stadio Olimpico – The Pride of Italy


The Stadio Olimpico is the largest capacity stadium in Rome Italy. It is one of the best sports stadiums in the world and it hosts plenty of sports events within itself. Two of the biggest sports which the Italians love to watch, Football and Rugby are hosted by this stadium regularly. Let us know more about Stadio Olimpico.

Basic Information about Stadio Olimpico

Name: Stadio Olimpico


Address: Pizzale del Foro Italico, 00135 Roma Rome, Italy.

Capacity: 70, 634 fans.

Surface: Grass

Area: 105 x 68 m

Construction Broke: 1901

Completed: 1928

Opened: 1937

Renovated: 1953

Expanded: 1990

Tenants: Lazio, A. S. Roma, Italian Football Team, Italian Rugby Team.

Major Sporting Events Hosted

  • 1960 Summer Olympics
  • 1975 Summer Universiade
  • 1977 European Cup Final
  • 1984 European Cup Final
  • 1987 World Championship of Athletics
  • 1990 FIFA World Cup
  • 1996 UEFA Champions League Final
  • 2001 Summer Deaflympics
  • 2009 UEFA Champions League Final
  • 2020 UEFA Euro 2020

More about Stadio Olimpico

During its early days, the Stadio Olimpico used to be called Stadio dei Cipressi. It was designed and constructed as part of the Mussolini Forum which again renamed Foro Italico after the Second World War. After the War the stadium was reopened in the year 1953 with the new capacity of hosting 100, 000 people, hence the stadium was re-named Stadio dei Centomila. But when the Stadium hosted the 1960 Summer Olympic Games it was finally named Stadio Olimpico, which is its current name as well. In 1990 though the stadium went through reconstruction and a roof was also added to it. In 2007 to meet the UEFA standards to host the 2009 UEFA Champions League Final the stadium was restyled again and it installed high definition LED screens but the stadium was reduced to 73, 261 capacity.

Different Arenas at Stadio Olimpico

There are different areas with different names, with different capacity, and for different sports.

  • Tribuna Monte Mario
  • Tribuna Tevere
  • Distinto Sud Ovest
  • Distinto Sud Est
  • Distinto Nord Ovest
  • Distinto Nord Est
  • Curva Sud
  • Curva Nord

Concerts held at the Stadio Olimpico

Eros Ramazzotti, Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Backstreet Boys, Sting, The Cure, R. E. M, U2, Roger Waters, Deepche Mode, and Madonna.