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Suhel Seth’s Unawareness about Viren Rasquinha Erupt Twitter storm


It is natural that you do not carry knowledge about everything happening on each sporting fields you come across to but then there is an unwritten rule that you must carry a dignity of every sportsperson even if you do not know him or her properly. But sometimes our pundits who feel they know everything under the sky do not follow that unwritten protocol we have mentioned above and they aren’t only insulting a particular sportsperson but also create a storm in the sporting fraternity. This exactly what happened between well known media giant and marketing guru Suhel Seth and ex Indian field hockey superstar and captain Viren Rasquinha and it created a storm on Twitter.

Normally we see Suhel Seth playing on the front foot and that too aggressively and somewhat with his style of wit in many television news channels’ panel discussions. He is a managing partner in an advertising firm but he was found on a wrong foot at the Times Literature Festival in Mumbai yesterday when he asked what a ‘bald guy’ (Viren Rasquinha) is doing on a panel which is about sports!! This certainly surprised many who were present in the panel along with the audience who know Rasquinha very well. But that irked Viren Rasquinha for sure.

After the session was over Viren Rasquinha tweeted “As my session ended, Suhel Seth comes on stage and says, “Don’t know what that bald guy was doing on a panel on sport, whats he done” Viren Rasquinha has every right to feel disappointed and that is what he showed in his next few tweets. Rasquinha has led the Indian national field hockey team, which played the 2004 Olympic games in Athens and he played for India from 2002 to 2008 by representing the nation in 180 international games. He is also an Arjuna Award recipient of 2005. But because of the pressure of Management studies he had to left field hockey at a very young age.

Rasquinha was also disappointed with the moderator and the host of the discussion Bachi Karkaria as she did not checked and made sure that Suhel Seth should know about what Viren Rasquinha is all about. But these few tweets by Rasquinha literary created a storm on Twitter all day yesterday. Many funny and sharp tweets were shot at Suhel Seth. Later Suhel Seth apologized to Viren Rasquinha by admitting that he really did not know him prior to the Lit festival. He even admitted that he is loving the roasting he is getting on Twitter because he feels he deserves every bit of it. Later he even wrote a mail to Viren Rasquinha asking for an apology.