All about the Super Rugby Trophy


The Super Rugby, the super rugby league competition between the top professional rugby clubs of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia commonly known as SANZAR. The trophy made for Super Rugby too is a special one. It is a sterling silver trophy and it is awarded to the winners of the Super Rugby. The Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith stationed in Nelson, New Zealand have made this trophy by hand. It is the same company has made the gold ring in the movie The Lord of the Rings trilogy made by Peter Jackson. There were three different silversmiths involved when the construction of this trophy was under the hammer. It was solely for to solder the number of silver sheets to gather and also for make it standing, buffing and polishing. The trophy is 49 cm high and its weight is around 2.7 kgs.All about the Super Rugby Trophy

On 7th February, 2006 the trophy was first unveiled in Wellington, New Zealand. It was first put for the public viewing three days later when Blues played against the Hurricanes in the Super 14’s first ever match played in Auckland. It was the first season for the Super 14 competition as well. The trophy has Super 14 logo embedded on it and it has four sided twisted spiral. The New Zealand Rugby Union sponsorship and marketing manager Fraser Holland oversaw the construction of the Super League trophy. He said that all the SANZAR unions were extremely happy to have a perfect launch for the first ever season of the tournament. Holland was of the opinion that they were not happy to make it a world cup like trophy, so they made it sure that the trophy should not only look different but also look dynamic and should also reflect the spirit of the Super Rugby.

On 30th June 2011 the new trophy was unveiled for the Super League tournament. The new trophy is made out of solid stainless steel and polished with a mirror finish. It is 65 cm long and has weight of 18 kgs. According to the CEO of SANZAR Greg Peters, that the curves in the trophy represent the different conferences involved in it. They did not want to image the Champions Trophy Football tournament trophy.


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