Friday, October 22, 2021

9 important facts about Golf

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Do you think you know everything about Golf? Well then you must check these facts. Even if you don’t think that you know everything about Golf then it is a must for you to check these facts given below.

The Chinese claim that they have developed a similar game to the golf way back in 943 AD, but as a matter of fact Golf was invented in Scotland over 500 years ago.

  1. Despite it was invented in Scotland, the Scots Parliament banned the game of Golf during the period of James II. The game of golf was prohibited during Sundays, because as per the parliament it was obstructing the military training for the wars against the English.
  2. Golf is the only game which was played on the moon. Alan Shepard hit two golf balls when he was on the lunar surface on 6th February, 1971.
  3. During the Korean War of 1954, the legendary Golfer Billy Casper was turned pro when he was servicing for the US Navy. He was signed by the San Diego Special Athletic Unit.
  4. The first Golf ball was made of wood in the 16th century and later during 19th century it was started to be made of feathers, which were boiled and then stuffed in to a leather pouch.
  5. Jason Zuback of Canada who is also a five time World Long Drive Champion, can hit a golf ball for an inconceivable 468 yards. He also holds the world record for the fastest ever golf drive of 204 miles per hour.
  6. The American citizens are believed to spend US$ 600 million on golf balls every year.
  7. All the golf balls do not carry equal amount of dimples. Normally they range from 330 to 500 dimples depending upon which manufacturer has manufactured it. The ideal golf ball has 380 to 432 dimples.
  8. The person who carries golf sticks of the professional golfer is known as ‘Caddy’. The word ‘Caddy’ is originated from the French word use for a student or a cadet. The right pronunciation is cad-DAY.
  9. Hole – in – one is believed to be a lucky thing in Japan and that is why many Japanese golfers take a ‘hole-in-one’ insurance. Because once a golfer achieves ‘hole-in-one’ he has to throw a party and have to give heavy gifts to his friends.
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